August 27, 2009

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Faces of Success

From left to right (in TRIO Kente); Debra Beasley, Psychology major - Will apply to CSULA for Winter '06 quarter.  Recipient of TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.  Darryl Boston, Social Work major - Will attend CSULA this Fall.  Recipient of EOP&S Achievement Award, the LACC Foundation Opportunity Award and TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.  Roy Carter, Social Work major - Has set his sights on transferring to CSULA.  Recipient of the TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.  Victor Rodriguez, Theatre Arts major - transferring to CSULB.  Lawrence Cummings, Kinesiology/Coaching major - Has set his sights on transferring to CSUDH.  Recipient of a TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.


Pictured on the right, from left to right: Alma Miranda, Biology major - Accepted to CSULB and is waiting word from CSUN.  Alma's goal is to become a doctor.  Francisco Mejia, Art major - will transfer to USC this coming Fall.  Francisco's artwork has already been shown in the L.A. area.  Recipient of the TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.  Veronica Gallegos, Administration of Justice major - Veronica is close to her goal of transfer to CSULA.  Recipient of the TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.


Reginald Moore, Business Major - Will continue working on transferable courses this fall and is considering CSULA as his transfer choice.  Recipient of the 2005 Grant Aid Award.
Marisa Gaitan, Biology Major - Will attend CPSU, San Luis Obispo this Fall '05.  Marisa was selected by LACCD for a ten-week paid internship with the CSULA Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.
Victor Rodriguez (below), Theatre Arts major - Will attend CSU Long Beach this Fall '05. Recipient of the Spring 2005 TRIO/SSS Grant Aid Award.

Success Stories

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