Program Services


Student Support Services provides academic and individual education plans to students geared towards a four-year university transfer.  Personal counseling is available to students who wish to discuss concerns that are not school related.


Individualized math tutoring services are available to program students.  The Student Support Services (SSS) office provides in-house tutoring on an appointment basis.  Tutored subjects will always include math and possibly other disciplines, depending on the term.  For subjects we do not offer, a referral to the Learning Skills Center will be provided. 

Educational Workshops

SSS offers workshops to either improve academic skills, personal and career development.  Workshops are scheduled throughout the semester on a variety of topics.  Past workshops have included study skills, money management, internship opportunities and scholarship searching.

University Field-Trips

Each semester students are able to sign-up for university field-trips to a variety of campuses around California.  This gives students the opportunity to see and experience campuses in which they are interested and perhaps explore others.  Typically, each visit includes an admissions presentation and a tour, along with lunch on campus.  All transportation costs and meals are covered by the SSS program. 

Cultural Activities & Trips

It is also the goal of the SSS program to expose students to new experiences and broaden their knowledge of our cultural surroundings.  Each year we visit sites such as museums, theatre, performances, and other areas of interest. 

Computer Access

SSS has its own computer lab to help students gain or improve essential skills in areas such as computer/word processing and developing research skills.  Internet access is available to use accordingly with various online courses offered at City College.  In addition, we loan graphing and scientific calculators out for students in need.   

University Application & FAFSA Assistance

Participants of the SSS program can make appointments with the Program Advisor to obtain individual assistance with their admissions and/or financial aid applications.

Educational News Updates 

SSS students should each have an email address to receive regular email updates on information regarding the campus, university transfer, scholarships and educational opportunities.  Imagine getting a scholarship…or an internship?  Many students have benefited from our ability to easily communicate this information to them...opportunities and important information is only a click away!