Student Testimonials


 SP12 Graduation  

“When I first arrived at LACC, I did not know anything about transferring nor the classes that  I needed to transfer. After being accepted into the TRIO program, they assisted me in finding a major, the classes for the major, and the requirements for the schools that I wanted to transfer to.  If it wasn’t for the services that I received at TRIO, I would not be transferring to UCLA as a Philosophy major.”

~ Jim

»Fall 12 Transfer to UCLA to major in«



 SP12 Graduation  

“Being a part of the TRIO/SSS program helped me get a bigger perspective of what lies ahead in my educational career, and has also opened my eyes to so many more opportunities. Aside from home, TRIO’s staff and peers made me feel very comfortable and became a second family. These are relationships that will be with me forever.”

~ Cynthia

»Fall 12 Transfer to CSULA to major in«

Criminal Justice


 SP12 Graduation  
  "TRIO, was a life saver! As a non-traditional student I really needed a support system and TRIO was that fantastic support system. I benefited from the tutoring and counseling. Jesus dedication, care and concern for the well-being of students empowers you to excel at a high level academically. I am so thankful for the day that I applied for admission to TRIO. We are one big happy family striving for the same goal! "
~ Jacqueline
»Fall 12 Transfer to UCLA to major in«
Political Science  


 SP12 Graduation  

"Prior to joining the TRIO program, applying to a university was something I had never seriously considered. I joined the program after my first year at LACC. Like many second year students, I was having a hard time figuring out what my academic goals and future career ambitions were going to be. Their counselor, however, sat with me and assisted  me to create an educational plan to better understand what classes I needed to take to successfully transfer. They never doubted my potential, and their help led me to believe in myself enough to engage in my studies more than I ever had before. They are committed to helping students succeed by providing friendly service, knowledgeable support, and an academic setting for motivated students to gather and prosper. TRIO literally changed my life, in so many positive ways; I am forever grateful."

~ Melvin
»Fall 12 Transfer to UC Irvine to major in«


 SP12 Graduation  

"I am very thankful for having the opportunity to be a TRIO participant. As a first-generation and low- income student, beginning college after graduating from high school was a daunting step to take. After discovering the TRIO program at my college campus, I quickly found the support that I needed to begin my college journey. There, I was able to find friendly counselors that were able to provide educational advisement and tutors to successfully pass my classes. Also, thanks to the supportive dedicated staff, and the friendships that I was able to make with SSS participants, which I established a network with good people who are also pursuing higher education."

~ Maria
»Fall 12 Transfer to CSUN to major in«
Family & Consumer Sciences