Important Resource Links


New Student Workshop Series #1  

  • Designed for new program participants to familiarize with the following:  
    • Learn transfer requirements
    • Learn graduation requirements
    • What kind of higher education pathways exists?  

 Career Center (AD 109) 

  • Visit
    • Need assistance in identifying a career?
    • Do research on various careers
    • See what major to pursue under your career interest 
    • Then, visit the Career Center to access their services and resources to develop a career plan.    

Articulation for California’s public colleges and universities

  • Visit
    • Articulation agreements for your major
    • Explore majors
    • Find which CSU or UC university offers your major
    • Compare major requirements for your universities of interest

Research University Information 

  •  Visit
    • Access information on more than 9,000 colleges, universities, and postsecondary vocational and technical schools in the U.S.
    • Search database by location, type of institution, program, and majors offered
    • Select several school profiles for side-by-side comparisons

Occupational Information 

  • Visit
    • It features hundreds of occupations that describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, & What the Pay is like
  • Visit
    • Explore occupational knowledge and skill requirements to see how they match your interests and abilities