Supplemental Instruction

SI Mentee Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if SI is offered for my course? 

You can check the LACC class schedule for a list of courses and SI sessions. The SI courses are identified in the schedule of classes by a note stating “ Special tutorial assistance available in section.”  Click here to find out what SI sections are currently being offered.


Who goes on at an SI session?

SI is an opportunity for students to work together to explore important concepts, review class notes, discuss reading assignments, practice test-taking strategies, and prepare for examinations. SI is peer facilitated by a student who has previously been successful in the course.


How often are the SI sessions held?

Three to five 60 minute SI sessions are held a week. During the first two weeks of school your SI mentor will review SI schedules with you in class.


How are SI classes selected?

Most SI sessions target traditionally difficult courses which students must take to complete their educational goal.   Many of the courses offered are usually general education transfer and basic skills Math and English courses.


Who attends SI?

SI is open to all students enrolled in a designated SI course. Students from all ability levels attend SI. There is one thing that all SI participants have in common- desire to be a better learner. Research shows that the more SI sessions a student participates in the higher their final grade in the class.


SI Mentor Frequently Asked Questions


I am still enrolled in a course for which I want to apply to be a SI Mentor. Can I apply?

 No. In order to be hired as an SI mentor you must have completed the course already with a grade of A or B.


Can I be a mentor for a course while I am enrolled in the course?



Can I be a mentor for a course that is not in my major?

Yes. Many courses for which SI is offered are required for a variety of majors, which means you will have the content knowledge needed for the course for which you will be a mentor.


 How do I apply?

If you are interested in being an SI mentor we urge you to contact the department chair of the course you are interested in. Once they have met with you and selected you as a mentor they will refer you to the SI program office for the official hiring paperwork. Please click here to read the SI Mentor Job Description

Can I apply if I will be transferring to a CSU/UC or private 4 -year institution? 

Yes. Transfer students can be hired for the SI program. Transfer students must submit a copy of their transcripts from their current institution to demonstrate their academic ability, based on GPA and grades in specific coursework.