Supplemental Instruction

Welcome to our page dedicated to LACC Faculty. This page contains all the information typically needed by LACC faculty and staff who regularly partner with the SI program. If you are unfamiliar with SI or if you would like to be a new partner, please contact the SI Coordinator, Luisa Cortez-Ortiz (323) 953-4000 extension 2323.

  • Benefits of SI to Academic Departments and the institution
  •  Funding for SI session
  •  Criteria used to select targeted courses for SI
  •  Mentor Qualifications

Benefits of SI to Academic Departments and the Institution

  • SI assists students with the comprehension of course content and development of study skills
  • SI lower attrition rates in courses
  • SI participant are more likely to be retained by LACC
  • SI helps student improve exam grades and final course grades
  • SI supports instructors by maintaining high expectations & standars
  • SI enhances classroom experiences

Funding for SI

SI receives funding from the Basic Skills Initiative and EOP&S office. This pool of funding is used to provide SI sections.

Criteria Used to Select Targeted Courses for SI

  • Support of Department Chairperson
  • Support of Instructor for the course
  • Basic Skills Courses
  • Number of D, Fails and drops in the course
  • Number of students repeating the course
  • Perceived level of difficulty

The above criteria ensure we support the greatest number of students possible in courses for which SI is successful. Centrally funded SI must target courses that meet the most or all the criteria.

Mentor Qualifications

  •  Be a full time student (OSS students may enroll in 6 units or more) at LACC or at a 4 year university
  •  Completed course with a grade of “A” or “B”
  •  Available to work for 15 hours per week
  •  Mentors must be able to attend ALL class sessions
  •   Mentors must enroll or have completed Learning Skills 24A: Theory and Practice of Tutoring. This is a mandatory course that all LACC campus tutors have to take 
  •   Must have an established LACC minimum cumulative G.P.A. 2.5
  •  Must have a semester GPA of 2.5 or higher for the most recent semester completed
  •  Attend a mandatory orientation
  •  They must complete and process all paperwork prior to the first week of the semester
  •  Eligibility for English 28 or ability to communicate as determined by the SI coordinator