Programming Board

The Programming Board coordinates on-campus educational and entertainment events to promote school spirit and student’s connections to campus life and their academic curriculum. Programming Board is run by students and for students.  


Student Learning Outcomes:

As a co-curricular program, we are committed to helping students grow, develop, and achieve their academic goals.  With this in mind, the program as a whole has set forth the following student learning outcomes, which we believe through active engagement the students who participate in our office programs will gain. 

  1. Understand a process to improve areas for leadership and personal growth
  2. Develop leadership skills through attending and actively participating in training, workshops, and team-building activities
  3. Implement a plan of action for leadership and personal development, by applying skills, reflecting on and articulating growth
  4. Understand college policies, processes, and procedures
  5. Access on-campus resources





Do you want to make a difference on your campus? Apply to become a member of the Programming Board here.