Commencement is one of the most celebrated events in our college history. On June 9th, we will celebrate, with family and friends, faculty, staff, and administrators, the accomplishments of our students. On this day, we will reflect on the LA City College experience and share stories about our students.  Most of all, on this day, we will say thank you to our students for choosing to be engaged and committed to learning and thank you to our faculty, staff, and administrators for challenging and supporting along this process. We will watch with pride as they walk across the stage. 


We are proud to announce the commencement will be held on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 at 5pm at the Greek Theater. The commencement guest speaker remains to be announced.  


Special thanks to Robert Schwartz, Director of the LACC Foundation, for securing the Greek Theater. 


Questions and/or comments can be directed to Alen Andrassian, Associate Dean of Student Life, Commencement Committee Chair, or call 323.953.4000 ext. 2453.