Dr. Randy Anderson, Dean of Special Programs

Alen Andriassian, Dean of Student Life and Outreach

Cristian Biviano, Career Guidance Counselor Assistant

Armineh Dereghishian, Student Services Specialist

Kevin Dimatulac, Career Guidance Counselor Assistant

Jonathan Elias, Programming Board Chair

Ronda Goudeau, Assistant to the President

Ricardo Illingworth, Graphic Designer

Juan Kalafatovich, Videographer

Krixa Lim, Student Services Assistant, Veterans

Arman Marukyan, Career Guidance Counselor Assistant

Alex Nelson, Campus Foreman

Josef Nikoloff, Senior Office Assistant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Christi O'Connor, Bookstore Manager

Christine Park, Professor, Music Department

Robert Schwartz, Executive Director, Foundation

Colleen Stringfellow, Assistant to the President

Esther Sunday, Assistant Bookstore Manager

Dr. Jeremy Villar, Dean of Student Access

Dr. Dan Wanner, Academic Senate President

Stan Woo, Instructional Multimedia Center