Welcome to the Office of Special Services!  Thank you for visiting our web site at Los Angeles City College (LACC). It is our sincere hope that our services will enhance your educational objectives, help you meet your academic and career goals, and encourage you to become an advocate for yourself and for others with disabilities.

Academic advisement, counseling, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, exam accommodations, sign language interpreters, Braille transcription, learning disabilities assessment as well as other services are provided for eligible students but you must be authorized by a qualified OSS professional to receive these services. It is important to meet with our professionals to review your educational strengths, limitations and accommodation needs each semester that you are enrolled and to request academic adjustments and support as needed in your classes at LACC.


We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to review the information on our web site.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the intake desk in the OSS lobby, Student Sevices Village, 100A.  If you are new to the college a graduating high school student, please request an appointment with one of our OSS counselors or Learning Disabilities Specialists.


Good luck with your educational, career, and/or transfer objectives at LACC!!!


Randy Anderson, Ed.D 


Randy Anderson

Empowering students to achieve their goals

Program’s Mission Statement:

The Office of Special Services' (OSS) mission is to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities, allowing full participation in educational programs, services, and campus activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

Program’s Description:

OSS facilitates equal access for LACC students with disabilities to participate in educational programs, services, and campus activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. We provide many support services like note taking assistance, interpretive services, test taking assistance, alternative media, and more. Accommodations and support services are determined on a case-by-case basis by an OSS professional in conjunction with the student, verified documentation, identified educational limitations, and the degree or extent of functional limitations associated with the student’s disability.

Student Learning Outcomes:

The student will:

    1. Utilize assistive technology, with increasing, effectiveness, in the college's courses.
    2. Self-advocate, with the campus at large, for their individually identified academic adjustments and accommodations.
    3. Work with OSS Counselors and Specialists to develop, maintain, and follow a personal educational plan/contract to complete educational and career goals.