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The OSS Tutorial Center is located in SSV RM # 102. The goal of the Center is to encourage and assist each student to be an independent successful learner to the greatest possible extent.

OSS Students who are interested in specialized tutoring must contact the Center early each semester to see if tutoring is available. This service is arranged on a "first come first serve" basis and is not always available each semester. Volunteer peer tutors provide specialized tutoring, primarily in basic math and English content courses, to registered OSS students.

Specialized individual and group tutoring services are limited based upon availability of volunteer tutors. The tutoring sessions focus on developing study techniques using each student's identified learning style and the use of reasonable accommodations and assistive technologies.

Specialized tutoring for "other" subjects may be available if a suitable volunteer tutor can be identified. Students should check with their instructors and the department to determine if the department has a general tutoring available or if study groups can be arranged.

For specific information about OSS specialized tutoring call (323) 953 - 4000, Ext. 2273 or check with the OSS Tutorial Center in the Student Services Village.




Susan Matranga, M.A.
Susan Matranga, M.A.



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