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Need help with adaptive technology?
Learn how to get the most out of Read and Write Gold, Learning Ally, Smart Pens, JAWS, and more…
Drop by the High Tech Center in OSS or call 323-953-4000, ext. 2278 to make an appointment for one-on-one help.

Sign Language Interpreter Services

Sign language interpreters are scheduled each semester as soon as OSS receives the deaf student's class schedule. OSS cannot assign specific interpreters, since we have more students to serve than available staff interpreters, although we do consider requests. Interpreters' schedules may change during the semester due to changes in other students' schedules or the level of content needing to be interpreted. Please keep in close contact with your counselor and the Senior Sign Language Interepreter/Scheduler in OSS.

Volunteer Note-Taking Services

If you believe that you need to have note-taking services in lieu of other forms of accommodation (tape recording classes, large print services, etc.) Please contact your counselor or specialist in OSS. The OSS provides authorization for volunteer note-taking services.

  • Students authorized for note-taking services:
    1. Please contact your instructor and request that they identify an in-class note-taker (keeping your name and information confidential). If they (or the student) identify a volunteer, the volunteer may go to OSS and we will copy their class notes for you(large print, etc., if needed).
    2. If your instructor does not identify a a volunteer note-taker, please let your OSS professional and the Accommodation Testing Services staff know and we will contact the instructor on your behalf or arrange for a note-taker through OSS.


The determination to deny a requested accommodation to a qualified student with a disability must be based on (a) the student’s failure to provide adequate documentation; (b) the fact that the requested accommodation was not related to the disability; or (c) an individualized determination by the institution that the requested adjustment would eliminate or lower essential requirements or fundamentally alter the academic program.   ---OCR Letter – Tulsa Community College 7/22/11



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