Learning Disabilities services

Learning Disabilities Services are designed to identify and assess learning disabilities, provide educational support for currently enrolled students with verified learning disabilities. The goal of the program is to promote success and course completion in an environment that is encouraging, accepting, and non-judgmental.


Each student works with their Learning Disabilities Specialist to determine the following:

  • Eligibility for services
  • Learning strengths, weaknesses and  degree of impact on the learning process
  • Appropriate accommodations/adjustments
  • Recommendations and referrals on and off campus


Link to More Information about Learning Disabilities

  • Definition of LD:  .DOC File Icon  or .PDF File Icon
  • Eligibility for LD Services:  .DOC File Icon  or .PDF File Icon
  • Types of Services for Students with LD:  .DOC File Icon  or .PDF File Icon
  • Characteristics of College students with LD:  .DOC File Icon  or .PDF File Icon
  • Suggestions for College Students With LD:  .DOC File Icon  or .PDF File Icon


For general questions about Learning Disabilities, see the assistant in the Tutoring Center or the High Tech Center.


For specific questions or to schedule an appointment to see a Learning Disabilities Specialist, call 323 953-4000

Ext. 2273 for last names beginning with A-M

Ext. 2278 for last names beginning with N-Z



Students may fill out a Learning Skill 40 Student Intake form: .PDF File Icon and bring to appointment. 

donna morely susan matranga

Donna Morley, M.S. LD Specialist

Susan Matranga, M.A.  LD Specialist