Distance Education
Accommodation Procedures

  1. LACC Students with disabilities requesting accommodations should be referred to the Office of Special Services, Student Services Village, Room 100, 323-953-4000, ext. 2276 or the OSS Homepage.

    Please complete the OSS application and submit it with appropriate disability verification documents (from a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, LD specialist, etc.) that state the student’s diagnosis and relevant information.

    Application Forms below


    Disability verification documents must include:
    1. the professional’s contact information
    2. signature
    3. and state license number
  2. In addition, please complete the OSS student orientation as well as the quiz and submit it with the application.
  3. The completed application package can be emailed to:
    or sent by mail to:
    Attention: OSS Intake, Office of Special Services
    Los Angeles City College, SSV 100
    855 North Vermont Avenue, LA, CA 90029.
  4. After the completed OSS application is submitted, students must make an appointment (by phone or in person) with an OSS Counselor or Learning Disability Specialist for intake processing and a Student Education Contract (to determine educational limitations and appropriate accommodations).
  5. Students will receive an Academic Accommodation Authorization (AAA) letter that must be presented/sent to the instructor, signed by the instructor, and returned to Accommodation Services in the OSS. If the student, in good faith, has given/sent the instructor the AAA, the accommodation is authorized and must be implemented whether the form is returned by the instructor to the student or OSS. The AAA authorizes students to receive accommodations including alternate media and, if appropriate, to make appointments to take their exams at OSS. An AAA must be generated for each course taken, each instructor, and each semester of attendance.

For more information, please refer to the OSS Website
and/or contact OSS at 323-953-4000, ext. 2270