AccomModation Testing Services


Accommodation Testing Services is responsible for providing approved accommodations for LACC course exams and/or quizzes.

Academic adjustments or accommodations for exams must be pre-approved by an OSS specialist or Counselor. Course Academic Accommodation forms must be initialed by the course instructor and will be strictly followed, including the process of delivering and returning exams/quizzes to the instructor.

Students are not allowed to deliver exams/quizzes to OSS without signed permission from the instructor for each exam/quiz.

OSS is committed to maintaining the integrity of the exam environment. Any student suspected of cheating or not following Accommodation Testing Services Staff directions, will have their exam removed immediately and returned to the instructor.

The testing environment is carefully monitored by staff and cameras.

Completed course exams will be returned to the instructor's mail box unless specific written arrangements are made by the instructor with the Accommodation Testing Service Staff.


You must arrange 3 days in advance, and 5 days in advance for midterm or final exams for proctoring services.


You must complete the OSS exam questionare and deliver or email your exam/quiz to OSS at least one day in advance if you want OSS to properly handle your exam and quizzes.


Types of exam accommodations include but not limited to:

Extended time
Scantron assistance
Distraction-reduced exam space
Computer assisted formats
Alternate text formats
Spell Checker
Braille transcription
Assistive Computer Technology


For specific information on exams or general questions, please contact Accommodation Testing Services x2277