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Now you are ready to plan classes for your first semester.  Look at your English and math placement (assessment) scores and start with English and math as two of the courses to begin your first semester. You are required to complete both math & English if you plan to earn an AA/AS Degree or transfer to a four-year university.

Your English placement score can be used to assist you in planning your first semester at LACC.  Below is a list of courses that are appropriate options for your English placement level.

Your English Placement (Assessment) Score


English 20/21

English 28/101

English course recommended

20 or 21

28 or 101

Other courses recomended

Art 201
CAOT 001
CSIT 101
Health 002
Health 011

PD 020

Consult with a counselor for additional courses.

PD 040

Anthropology 102
Biology 003
Biology 025
Cinema 003
Geography I with Geography 015
Health 002
Health 011
Computer Science Info Tech 103

Political Science 001
Psychology 001
Sociology 001
Speech 101
US History
Art 101
Music 111
Philosophy 00I
Astronomy 001 with 005
Anthropology 101
Geology 001 with 006
Foreign Language Course


Your ESL Placement (Assessment) Score


Recommended English

Other Recommendations


ESL 1A, 1B

We recommend that you improve your English skills before enrolling in other courses.


ESL 2A, 2B


ESL 3A, 3B, 3C


ESL 4A, 4B, Speech 71


ESL 5A, 5B, Speech 72


ESL 6A, 6B, Speech 73

The number of classes taken during a semester depends on your other obligations and responsibilities. See the table below.

If you plan on

We recommend

Working full time and/or other personal demands

6 units or less per semester

Working 25-30hrs per week

Up to 9 units

Working less than 20 hrs per week

12 or more units

Please remember that some classes have pre/co requisites.  A co-requisite is a course that must be taken with the course for which you wish to enroll.  A pre-requisite is a course that you must complete before taking the course for which you wish to enroll.  The Student Information System is programmed to block enrollment if the pre and co requisites have not been met.  You have the right to challenge a pre or co requisite by completing a challenge petition available in the Counseling Office and filing it with the appropriate department.

Any questions regarding other classes to take with a particular English/math assessment score can be answered in the Counseling Office at the walk-in counter.  It is highly recommended that you meet with a counselor for a regular half-hour appointment sometime during your first semester to discuss your academic goals, degree preference, and transfer alternatives to four-year universities.

In the Schedule of Classes, you will find instructions on using the computerized registration system STEP, a worksheet to write down and plan classes, and a detailed explanation on how to read the Schedule of Classes.  If you need help, please go to the Student Assistance Center in AD 105.

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