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  • You must file an application before you can register for classes.  If you do not enroll in a class during the registration period, you can enroll with an “Add Permit” issued by the instructor of the class you wish to attend or by checking the registration area” during the first two weeks of the semester.  Remember to check the College Calendar inside the front cover of the Schedule of Classes for important dates.  Please note that beginning with the third week of the semester, instructors are the only ones who can add students to their classes.

  • Add cards are handed out and signed by instructors.  They should be taken to the registration area for data entry and for you to get your stamped copy of the add card.  Some of the courses at LACC have electronically blocked pre/co requisites.  If the course that you are trying to add is blocked, you may be required to show proof that you meet the requirement.  If so, go to counseling (AD 108) to prove that you satisfied the requirement  (You may not be able to add the course until you prove that the requirement has been satisfied.)

  • Please note:  A signed add card from the instructor does not override a pre/co requisite. 

  • If you are asked for proof that you have satisfied a pre/co requisite, bring an unofficial transcript, official transcript, or grade report to the Counseling Office (AD 108) to prove that you satisfy the requirement.  Once proven, the counselor will sign off on the requirement and you will able to add the course in the Admissions Office.  If you cannot prove that you satisfied the requirement, you can file a challenge petition with the department.  (You have the opportunity to submit documentation that supports that you are prepared for the course.)  Once you submit the challenge petition to the department, the department has 5 days to make a decision on your challenge (If they fail to make their decision, you will be allowed to enroll in the class).  It is the student’s responsibility to keep a receipt/confirmation when adding or dropping a class.

  • Use the online Student Information System to drop a class or classes you no longer plan to attend (be sure to listen for the confirmation).  You can also obtain a Drop Card and complete the require information.  Submit the drop card to Admissions (AD 100) by the drop deadline.  Drop Cards are available in the Registration Area during the late registration period and in the Admissions Office after that time you may drop classes on the LACC website.  Check the College calendar found on the inside front cover of the Schedule of Classes for important dates. 

  • PLEASE NOTE:  It is the student’s responsibility to drop a class that the student will no longer attend.  Failure to drop a class in a timely manner may result in a “W” or an “F” on your academic record.  You may be held accountable for payment of all fees whether or not you attend class.

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