Morris-Holland's Multiple Guess Questions Revisited

Select any one of the questions you wish to work on

1. In his famous study of infant baboons, Bourth showed that the effect of SAB was:

2. In your readings, Carter described a number of problems with the FAZ theory. The most important of these was:

3. When comparing LOK and ZIB, Hobson's experiments found that:

4. Which of the following is best known for his classic study of memory in children:

5. The result of Modin's study of KUK indicated that:

6. During the critical early years of childhood, the effect of BOF is:

7. The Western state with the highest number of KUGS in 1951 was:

8. One difficulty in trying to teach DAK to children under twelve is that:

9. The research of R. Smith shows that the effect of GIK on human memory was:

10. The effect of HIG on performance tests in college is:

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