Richard Lanham's "Paramedic Method"

  1. Circle the prepositions.
  2. Circle the "to be" forms.
  3. Ask "Who is kicking whom?"
  4. Put this action (the "kicking") in a simple active verb.
  5. Start fast-no mindless introductions.
  6. Omit needless words.
  7. Don't use lots of adverbs and adjectives. Use nouns and verbs.
Prepositions: before, after, in, on, to, apart, for, into, above, from, by, beside, over, among, through, around, between, etc.
  1. Jim kicks Bill.

    It should be noted that a kicking situation is being implemented between Jim and Bill.

    A situation has arisen in which Jim is a kicker and Bill is a kickee. Kicking Bill is an activity still ongoing which Jim is involved with.

  2. The question as to whether. . .
    Used for fuel purposes. . .
    In a hasty manner. . .
    The reason why is that. . .
    Owing to the fact that. . .
    Did not remember. . .

  3. This office is in need of a dynamic manager of sales. (11 words)

  4. The first project that should be undertaken should obtain a measure of the acceptability of the product's taste and usage. (20 words)

  5. After reviewing the research in light of the relevant information found within the context of the conclusions, we feel that there is definite need for some additional research to more specifically pinpoint our advertising and marketing strategies. (37 words)

  6. The claim that cigarettes calm down the nerves is invalidated by the fact that nicotine is, in fact, a stimulant.

  7. Of course, recognition of the fact that most illnesses were stress-related had to be made and accepted on my part.

  8. Our client is anxious to close this matter and is willing to make some arrangement for monthly payments in order to collect this overdue account. It will be to your advantage to respond to this letter as soon as possible, so as to avoid further debts and possible court appearances. Please govern yourself accordingly.

  9. It has been some time since I last heard from you and since I am not in receipt of your confirmation letter, I thought it to be best to reiterate our position.