The Learning Skills Department, in an effort to address the basic skills needs of the students at City College and to assist in the successful matriculation of these students through the college’s programs and courses, will provide instructional assistance in individual and group settings in reading, English fundamentals,  vocabulary, writing, study skills, basic mathematics, and elementary algebra by creating direct pathways into the English and Mathematics Departments’ sequence of courses.

Inexpensive classes and free tutoring are offered to all LSC students who want to strengthen their abilities to think critically and independently, read analytically, write well, reason quantitatively, and study effectively while mastering course materials. Every semester, we offer classes and tutoring for over a hundred courses in our English and Math Labs. Instructors and tutors alike are trained to challenge as well as support students.

The Tutorial unit builds on the premise that critical thinking and intellectual independence are developed through questioning and dialogue. Most of our tutoring takes place in small group settings. This setting fosters discussion and allows students to listen to, grapple with, and articulate new and different perspectives. It enables students to work collaboratively, helping them to see that they can rely on classmates as well as tutors. Composition courses are tutored almost exclusively one-on-one and focus on the individual's own expression and understanding. We think of writing as a process of ongoing revision, teaching students to critically evaluate and edit their own writing.