About the scholars PROGRAM

Scholars UCLA Library Trip 2011

UCLA  Library Day

The Ralph Bunche Scholars Program (RBS) at Los Angeles City College prepares students for transfer and the rigors of academic work at a four-year university. Students that enter the Scholars Program take and complete four (STEM) or five (Non STEM) scholars courses, earn a total of minimum 3.3. cumulative GPA, or higher, complete an outside public service project, and write a university level research paper. Upon completion of the requirements, students are certified as Ralph Bunche Scholars which increases their acceptance for transfer in today's highly competitive world.  It is best for a student to finish all requirements within two years.  It is recommended that you should take at least two honors sections per semester.


RBS offers a rigorous curriculum, seminars, and enrichment activities. RB Scholars interact, collaborate and learn from professors that have been educated in some of the best universities here and abroad.  All of our RBS professors have earned advanced degrees, including a Master of Fine Arts; most have earned their Doctorate (Ph.D/Ed.d).

Additional Benefits of Participating in RBS:

*  Priority consideration to certain four-year universities

*  Increased collaboration with faculty and scholars

*  Participation in a learning community

*  Academic advising from our Honors Counselors

*  Scholars' designation on transcripts

*  Opportunity to present research at annual Honors Research Conference at UC Irvine (Spring), and other conferences

*  Library privileges at UCLA

*  Specialized meetings, get-togethers, trips, seminars

Successful completion of the requirements (as outlined above) provides the best pathway for transfer to many of the most competitive colleges and universities in the nation. Scholars are given top priority for admission to major public and private universities.Over the past few years we have successfully placed our scholars at the Ivy University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Stanford, Columbia University (NY), University of California at Los Angeles, Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Diego. We have students well represented at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Claremont Colleges (Pitzer, Pomona and Scripps Colleges). Students also become eligible for members in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), an International Honor Society. Many prestigious colleges and universities grant scholarships and aid to our PTK students upon acceptance. Members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.