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The First Year Experience Program @ LACC


The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is designed for first-time college students who want to accelerate their education and improve their chances of success. In FYE you’ll take a special sequence of Math and English courses that will prepare you to meet the demands of college-level academic work. You’ll also get the support and encouragement you’ll need to get through even the toughest college courses.

Here’s what FYE offers you as a first-time student:

  • An early start on important preparatory math and English classes

  • Guaranteed enrollment in follow-up Math and English classes

  • Dedicated faculty who are committed to the success of all FYE students

  • Special academic support provided by in-class Supplemental Instruction tutors

  • Support provided by the Peer2Peer Mentor program

  • The chance to participate in special FYE social and extracurricular activities

  • Special FYE group counseling to help you plan your academic future