First Year Experience Fast Facts

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the FYE?

The First Year Experience Program allows freshmen students an alternate approach to learning that encourages relationships with peers and their instructors. Students in this program will be part of a peer group which focuses on improving the student’s reasoning and study skills through various methods. In this program, learning becomes a team effort, which develops students who are critical thinkers and better prepared for college.


What are the requirements to enroll in the FYE? 

There are only two requirements to enroll in the First Year Experience Program: 

     1. You must be a first-time college student (or have fewer than 12 units completed)

     2. You must be ready and willing to participate in special out-of-class FYE tutorials


Are FYE classes difficult? 

No.  Because you will have dedicated instructors and special tutors assigned in all FYE classes, you stand a better chance of success in FYE than in the regular college curriculum.


Do FYE courses transfer? 

Yes.  If the courses are transferable courses (see LACC catalog). 


How can I join the FYE?  

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LACC First Year Experience Program and taking one of these special classes, please contact one of the following FYE Counselors or contact the Counseling Department: