Peer-2-Peer Mentoring for FYE Students

Every FYE student has access to the LACC Peer2Peer Mentor Program. Offered through the Office of Student Life, the Peer2Peer Mentor Program engages new incoming students in educational and social activities designed to simplify the college transition and engage students in college life. To help students meet other LACC students, make new friends, and learn more about college success, the program pairs the incoming students with current, successful LACC students who offer a personalized resource to help new students become acquainted with campus activities, services, and college culture.

Peer2Peer Program Goals

  • To simplify the college transition for new incoming students.
  • To inform about the resources on campus that provide support, related to academics, and overall wellness of the student.
  • To support incoming students and current students in navigating the various decisions they would face throughout the year.
  • To offer opportunities for social interaction and networking among current LACC students and new students.


Beginning in Spring 2014, Peer2Peer Mentors will visit FYE students in their English and Math classes to provide more information about the program and to recruit students as program participants. A complete list of future Peer2Peer activities will be published soon!