What is CARE?



Assistance for Single Parents

Pursuing Their Educational Goals

Under The TANF/CalWORKs Program



Benefits and Services

CARE Counselor/Coordinator and support staff

Academic,  Personal and Retention, Counseling

Priority Appointment with CARE Counselor

Mini Counseling Sessions

Educational workshops

University and Cultural field trips

School supply kit

Student parking permit (with proper verification)

ASG Benefits (students with CARE issued parking permit only)

Auto Gas Cards (At the start of the semester and during workshops)

Meal Credit

Book Express Service

Laptop Loan Program (Limited availability on first come first serve basis)



Program Eligibility

Acceptance into the EOP&S Program

Be a Single head of household

Be officially approved for TANF/CalWorks

Have at least one child under the age of 14

Be at least 18 years of age

Attend an In Person CARE Consultation


For a Better Future Join CARE!

For further questions please contact:

Roxy Dovlatyan CARE Counselor/Coordinator 323-953-4000 x 2304

Annet Estrella CARE Coordinator Assistant 323-953-4000 x 2313

You may also visit us at EOP&S/CARE office at Student Service Village Rm 119


Click here for graphical version of the CARE flyer