How do I qualify?

Information in this section is subject to change as new state or institutional policies are implemented. Currently, EOPS/CARE services are offered to students who meet the following criteria.

In order to qualify for the benefits and services of EOPS, students must meet the following program criteria:

1. Be a
California Resident

2. Enroll in 12 or more units as a full time student.


Enroll in at least 6 units (as a member of the Office of Special Services)

3. Have fewer than 70 degree applicable units total from all colleges attended.

4. Qualify for the Board of Governor's Grant A or B (BOGG A or BOGG B) and meet income guidelines.

5. Meet the educationally disadvantaged criteria as outlined by the State Chancellors Office.

The criterion listed above is a general outline of some of the program qualifications and solely fulfilling the criteria DOES NOT guarantee admission to the program.