What are my responsibilities as an EOPS student?

Student Responsibilities


In order to remain eligible for all EOPS benefits for the academic year, EOPS students must follow the items outlined on the Mutual Responsibility Contract in addition to completing all the requirements listed below:

  •  Enroll in at least 12 active units (as a full time student) or enroll in at least 6 active units as a member of the Office of Special Services (OSS) every Fall and Spring Semester.

  •  Complete at least 9 units out of the 12 units (as a full time student) or complete at least 6 units out of the 6 units (as an OSS member) each semester to remain in the program.

  •  Maintain satisfactory academic progress, a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.

  •  Meet with an EOP&S counselor at least three (3) times every semester. (Each contact with counselor must be two weeks apart) The requirements listed above must be completed each semester in order to remain eligible for program services and activities.

Continuing students don't jeopardize your EOP&S Services for the upcoming semester!
Follow the recommended schedule to complete the three (3) required contacts for fall 2013.
Contacts must be at least two (2) weeks apart for proper credit.

1st counseling contact
AUG 12 – SEPT 20

2nd counseling contact
SEPT 23 – NOV 1st

3rd Counseling contact
NOV 4 – DEC 15*

REMEMBER!   DO NOT wait until the last portion of the semester to schedule contacts, availability is very limited.

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