The CAHSEE administration dates for the 2012–13 school year are as follows*:

*All CAHSEE tests are taken at Abraham Friedman Occupational Center.

1646 South Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015-3507
(213) 765-2400
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Press on the links below to view released questions. 

English CAHSEE Questions

Math CAHSEE Questions


English Practice Test (pg. 11-58)

Word Analysis (pg. 59-64)

Reading Comprehension (pg. 65-76)

Literary Response and Analysis (pg. 77-84) 

Writing Strategies (pg. 85-92) 

Written and Oral English Language (pg. 93-98)

Writing Applications (pg. 99-118) 

English Practice Test Answer Key for pg. 11-118


Mathematics Practice Test (pg. 11-32)

Number Sense (pg. 33-46)

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability (pg. 47-58)

Algebra and Functions (pg. 59-74)

Measurement and Geometry (pg. 75-86)

Mathematical Reasoning (pg. 87-94)

Algebra I (pg.95-110)

Mathematics Practice Test Answer Key for pg. 11-110 (located on pg. 123)