Counseling services


Online Advising


ONLINE ADVISING services include basic course advisement, educational and career planning, transcript evaluation and general education and transfer checks. Our services do not include psychological counseling services. If you are in need of of this type of service please contact the Health & Wellness Center at (323) 953-4000 ext. 2485, located in Life Sciences 101.

If you are a new student with no previous college coursework
completed, please take the college assessment test and see a counselor in-person, do not use online advising services. Online advising services are reserved for students who live too far from the campus to conveniently access services (remote students), for disabled students or students enrolled in one of our satellite campuses (i.e., Van de Kamp).  If you do not fall into any of these catagories, you will need to either make a counseling appointment in AD 103 or go online at and click the COUNSELING tab. Click here for Online Advising.