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Online Advising


ONLINE ADVISING services include basic course advisement, educational and career planning, transcript evaluation and general education and transfer checks. 
If you are a new student, follow the New Student Checklist
Online advising services assist students who live too far from the campus to conveniently access services.

Welcome to Los Angeles City College online advising. Please provide us with the following information:

1. First and Last name:

2. Student ID number:

3. Have you attended other colleges/universities?

4. What is your Educational Goal and/or Academic Major?

5. Question for the Counselor:

Your question will be answered within three working days. If you require a response sooner, please go to the Counseling Office. To utilize the online counseling service click on the link below and/or email your question to: Make sure you complete questionnaire and answer all 5 questions:

Please note: Due to the nature of the Internet and e-mail technology, there is no assurance of confidentiality when using this on-line counseling service.