LACCD discrimination polIcies

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy

The policy of the Los Angeles Community College District is to provide an educational, employment, and business environment free from Prohibited  Discrimination as defined by Board Rule 1503.  Employees, students, or other persons acting on behalf of the District who engage in Prohibited Discrimination as defined in this policy or by State and Federal law shall be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge, expulsion, or termination of contract.  The specific rules and procedures for reporting allegations of Prohibited Discrimination and for pursuing available remedies are incorporated in the Board Rules in Chapter 15.  Copies may be obtained from each College and District Compliance Officer.

The LACCD has a policy that provides formal and informal procedures for resolving complaints.  Copies of the policy and procedures may be obtained  from the LACCD website, at:   You may also call the LACCD Office of the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services at (213) 891-2279 or the LACCD Office of Diversity Programs at (213) 891-2315. 

Any member of the Los Angeles City College Community, which includes students, faculty, and staff, who believes, perceives, or actually experiences conduct that may constitute prohibited discrimination has the right to seek the help of the College. Every employee has the responsibility to report such conduct to the LACC Compliance Officer when it is directed toward students.

Potential complainants are advised that administrative and civil law remedies, including but not limited to injunctions, restraining orders or other orders, may  be made available.  For assistance, contact the Compliance Officer, (323) 953-4000, ext. 2249.