Cooperative Education Work-Experience Program

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It is called “Cooperative Education” because the program establishes a three-way relationship between the student, the college, and the employer. This structured relationship allows the student to create short-and long-range career goals and to recognize his/her progress by establishing three measurable learning objectives for the semester. Cooperative Education provides a practical learning model for the students and helps them prepare for their future careers through the integration of the on-the-job learning experiences and academic classroom lessons. By integrating both study and work, each area should become more relevant, interesting, and rewarding.


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The goal of Cooperative Education is to strengthen student learning by engaging students in enhanced on-the-job learning opportunities and providemeaningful internship opportunities to students of all majors, enabling students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in their academic courseworkwhile adhering to generally accepted business principles, standards and work ethics.

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 Benefits to Students

  • Gain career-related work experience
  • Earn general elective college credit
  • Participate in paid or non-paid internship
  • Develop relationships with potential employers for future employment

 Benefits to Employers

  • Objectives are set forth to reflect expanded job-related responsibilities, which help employers reduce turnover of entry-level employees
  • Employees/interns are more motivated and goal-oriented
   Eligibility Requirements
  • Be currently employed or have anarranged Internship (Internship listings available)
  • Students must be employed a minimum of 5 to 20 hours per week per semester
  • Students must attend 3 workplace success seminars