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Information and Frequently
Asked Questions:
The Naturalization Process
The Naturalization process may have many steps but taken one at a time it can turn out to be a simple process. The package you send to immigration consists of information regarding your background. In your application package you will include:

The N-400 form (application for Naturalization)
A copy of your alien registration card.
Two 2"X2" color photographs
You are also required to take your fingerprints; the INS will send you an appointment
     after they receive your application.

INS will then send you an interview date. At this interview you should be able to answer questions about your application in English, and answer the U.S. history and government questions in English. The interviewer will dictate a sentence to you, which you need to be able to understand and write in English. If you pass the interview, you will be scheduled for a hearing where a naturalization judge will ask you to take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States.
Prepare Yourself...
At the ELP/Citizenship Center you will have the opportunity to take citizenship classes, which are offered throughout the week. These classes will prepare you for the history examination administered by the INS, and the interview. You will receive the 100 questions based on INS History/Government. A complimentary citizenship preparation book and cassette at the time of registration.

Do not delay!  Prepare yourself for the Naturalization interview with the Immigration and Naturalization Service by coming to our classes.
Become a Citizen NOW
Your benefits include...
The right to vote and hold public office
Access to jobs with local, state, and federal governments
Enhance access to institutions of higher education grants and scholarships
The right to immigrate immediate relatives
The right to travel out of the country for unrestricted periods of time.
At the ELP/Citizenship Center we offer...
FREE history/government and English improvement classes
FREE interview preparation workshops
FREE pictures
FREE assistance with N-400 application
FREE counseling and assistance with college registration

English Literacy Program & Citizenship Center
We invite you to enroll in:
English as a Second Language ESL & Citizenship Classes. English as a Second 
 Language ESL & Citizenship Classes.
Three (3) levels of ESL instruction: beginning, intermediate, and advanced
     day, evening and Saturday classes available .
FREE four (4) levels of non-credit Citizenship and ELCivics instruction

FREE non-credit Citizenship classes giving a basic overview of American History
and the American political system to help you become a U.S. Citizen.

   Citizenship classes available on Wednesday & Saturday
   You may enroll in non-credit classes at any time during the semester
   The only requirement is to be 18 years of age or older
   For more information call (323) 953-4000 x2230