This is one of the most important parts of your resume, you should carefully write an objective that is appealing to an employer and also meets their needs.  A job objective should also outline the job that you are seeking and the skills that you have to offer the employer.


 Interested in a position with an auto body repair shop.  Ability to perform auto body repair, sanding, and painting.  Very dependable and willing to work hard.

 Seeking an entry-level position as a mechanicís helper. Trained in repairing and replacing engine parts, tune-ups, and basic automotive principles and applications.


 To obtain a position as a bank teller. Offering excellent skills in banking procedures for receiving and disbursing cash, customer service, and sales techniques.  Able to work unsupervised.

 To obtain a position as a new accounts clerk. Vocationally trained in customer service techniques, compiling, typing, and filing new accounts information.

 To obtain a position as a clerk-typist. Qualified in typing, filing, answering telephones, and word processing. Long-range goal is to advance to a management position.

Child Care

 Offering excellent skills in tending to the needs of children and assisting the in management of a child care program. Interested in child care aide position. Very enthusiastic, creative and dependable.

 Seeking an entry-level preschool aide position. Vocationally trained to plan and direct child care daily activities.

Computer Applications

 Interested in a date entry position within a large company. Offering vocational skills in typing (55 wpm), computer system functions, procedures, and document processing. Long range goal is to earn a masterís degree in business administration.

 Offering proficiency in the use of database, spreadsheet, and keyboarding. Seek to apply these skills as an entry-level accountants.

Food Service

 Seeking a position with a restaurant which would provide an opportunity to demonstrate my experience as a host/hostess and food server. Qualified in customer service and cashiering.


 Offering excellent skills in assessing victimsí injuries, administering appropriate emergency care, monitoring patientsí vital signs. Seeking to apply these skills as an emergency medical technician.


 Seeking an entry-level clerk typist position. Trained in office procedures and policies, operating office equipment, and typing (60 wpm). Accurate in spelling and grammar.

Retail Sales

 To secure an entry-level position in a major fashion outlet which will use my experience in retail sales and merchandising. Flexible and willing to take on a variety of tasks.

Sample Job Objectives

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