The cover letter is just as important as your resume. This is what introduces your resume and makes the employer want to read it. Try to highlight your skills, abilities, and experiences in a way that will pick the interest of the employer. Do not hesitate to describe your successes. Keep in mind that employers offer interviews to candidates who are energetic and enthusiastic.

Creating a Concise Professional Cover Letter

To create a professional look, tailor your cover letter to your resume. Make it look very similar. Use the same fonts and paper used for your resume. Remind the employer in you cover letter that your resume is ENCLOSED  and not ATTACHED.

Once you have completed the cover letter, send both your resume and cover letter in an envelope that matches t he paper used to print your cover letter and resume.

Make Your Letter Fit the Company’s Needs

Sit down and consider the company’s products and services when you write your cover letter. Think about the needs of the company/hiring person. In which ways can you assist this person with his/her department? Would you be a good fit? Would good with the company’s customers? Get the employer to recognize your interests and accomplishments through your letter and resume.

Writing A Cover Letter


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Follow These Steps to

Develop a Winning

Cover Letter

List the position for which you are applying.

Let the employer know how excited our are in learning that they had this job opening.

Let the employer know how enthusiastic you are in pursuing this position.

Relate your skills and attributes to the company’s needs

It is acceptable to bullet your accomplishments; this will enable them to see your qualifications and accomplishments much quicker. Remember, employers do not want to read a three page cover letter. They, in fact, do not want to read at all. So make it easy for them to grasp an idea of who you are and what you represent in a brief letter. You cover letter should fit one page.

Your cover letter needs to be addressed to the correct person. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, address it to Anna, Mary, John, etc. you will need to find out their title and last name.

Your cover letter should be error free!

Make sure that you edit and re-edit your cover letter. Have other professionals read it. You might want to consider making an appointment at the Career Center and have a Career Counselor look over your completed cover letter.

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