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Dear Career Center Student ____________________________,
This packet contains information and forms that will assist you as you begin your career exploration journey.  Below are steps that will need to be followed in order to complete the first part of the process in a thorough manner. 

1.     You will begin the process by logging into the Kuder© assessment website at: 
Your personal ID and Password are listed below: 
KUDER© ID: _______________________     KUDER© PASSWORD: ________________________Complete all 3 assessments found on the Kuder© website (  The assessments include the INTERESTS, SKILLS/ABILITIES, and VALUES assessments. 

2.       Next, you will need to work on the EUREKA website.  You will begin the process by logging into the EUREKA© website at:  Your personal ID and Password are listed below: 
EUREKA© ID: _______________________     EUREKA© PASSWORD: ________________________
And click on the SELF ASSESSMENT link at the top of the page. Complete all assessments found in this link.  The assessments include the INNER HEROES ASSESSMENT, HOW DO I LEARN ASSESSMENT, WHAT ARE MY VALUES ASSESSMENT, MICROSKILLS ASSESSMENT, TRUE COLORS ASSESSMENT, AND OCC-U-SORT ASSESSMENT.  Once you are done with all of the assessments, complete the CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET found under the MY PATH link. You will need to print this along with ALL of the results for ALL assessments.

3.       After completing all assessments on both Kuder and EUREKA, you will begin your career research phase. It is important that you conduct your career research in a thorough and comprehensive manner.  Enclosed in this packet you will find a colorful two-sided page with suggested research websites.  You can also research in others as well.  You will need to research career areas that have been suggested for you based on the RIASEC assessments you have taken.  Example: RIA, SEA, ICR, etc. Please note: it is imperative that you read through ALL careers suggested for you on KUDER©, in addition to the other suggested career research sites.  Make sure that you research all combinations of your code.  For example, if your code is SIA, then research careers in SIA, SAI, AIS, ASI, ISA, and IAS.  Do not limit yourself to researching on Kuder©.  You are to research your codes on all recommended websites (colorful handout in your packet).  Use the EUREKA and Kuder programs to conduct comprehensive research.

4.       Take a look at career variables that are important to you: SALARY, EDUCATION & TRAINING, DEMAND AND GROWTH, RESPONSIBILITIES, ETC. See image 1 in your packet.

5.       Utilize the “Career Exploration Chart” form to list your top 1, 2, or 3 choices.  You can come up with just ONE career selection.  You can also come up with two or three.  Make sure that you try to prioritize your final career options and place your first choice in slot 1, second choice in slot 2, and third choice in slot 3.

6.       Once you have completed the “Career Exploration” form, you can schedule an appointment by calling (323) 953-4000 Ext. 2210 or by visiting the Career Center in AD 109.  Please be punctual for your appointment.  You will need to reschedule your appointment if you are 10 or more minutes late.

a.    A completed copy of your Intake Form: You can find this form on our website and click on Career Counseling Process.  It is found in the INTAKE section of the screen. 
b.    ALL of your Printed Results from Kuder© and EUREKA (refer to the EUREKA handouts in this packet)
c.    Your Completed “Career Exploration Chart” form with 1, 2, or 3 careers listed
d.    Any research notes or other material that you may have collected during your research process