ASG Senators and Officers


Title                                                                                                    Email              
President: Bryant Woodert                                                       
Executive Vice-President: Rose Oscar                                    
Vice President of Finance: Sheldon Harvey                            
Vice President of Club: Saeed Hossaeini                                
Executive Secretary: Tristian Bantog                                    
Parliamentarian: VACANT                                                       
Senator of Activities and Planning: Arsen Shakhbazyan        
Senator of ASG Membership Services: Lavel Berry                
Senator of Public Relations: Scheick Toure                            
Senator of Health and Wellness: Murat Gabriel                      
Senator of Equity and Diversity: Owen Grissom                     
Senator of Resources Services:  Jenne Henry                       
Senator of Enterprise and Commerce: Silva Bosinyan           
Senator of Student Services: Gerardo Zarate                                                      





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