Fall 2015 Clubs & Organizations

Chartered Clubs as of Friday March 18, 2016 @ 1:00pm

  1. Ancient Hebrew History Club
  2. Anime Club
  3. Armenian Student Association
  4. BSU
  5. Chinese Club
  6. Circle K International
  7. Clubs that have chartered
  8. Communications Studies Club
  9. Creative Collective
  10. Cub-Barkada
  11. Design Club
  12. Dungeons and Dragons Club
  13. Forever Jung Psych Club
  14. Gallery Group
  15. Hiking Team
  16. History Club
  17. International Youth Fellowship
  18. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
  19. IYSEE
  20. Japan Study
  21. Keeper's Club
  22. LACC Astronomy Club
  23. LACC Biology Club
  24. LACC Philosophical Society
  25. LACC Secular Student Alliance
  26. LACC Veteran's Club
  27. Marvel Vs DC
  28. Phi Theta Kappa
  29. Physics Club
  30. SACNAS
  31. Spectrum Alliance Club
  32. TedxLACC
  33. Vagina Warriors
  34. Videogame Developer’s Club
  35. We Run LACC

 The following lists have not been updated but may still have correct information. We will keep those lists up until we have an new official contact list. 


Please click here to see our most updated file of Club contact list

Club Name Location Time Day(s) President President e-mail Advisor
24FPS Comm Bldg/Library 5-7 PM Monday and Friday Cordero Reinhardt photofarias@gmail.com Christopher Rossiter
African Club Student Union 11:30 AM Thursday Caroline Wanjiru caroline.wanjiru8@gmail.com Lisbeth Gant-Britton
Alliance Kin 130 3:30-4:30 pm Tuesday Byron Umana byronbermudez@gmail.com Tanya Geddes
Anime Club Meeting/Student Lounge 2-4 pm Wednesday Nirnandon "Ocha" Boonyindee holymonk_92@yahoo.com Jeffrey Nishimura
Anthropology Club       Tiffany Youngren tiffy4815@gmail.com Brian Bartelt
Armenian Student Association Student Union/Cub Room 4:00 PM Wednesday Meri Ghazaryan ghazaryanme@gmail.com Anna Sinapyan
Art of the Start Student Union   Friday Colleen Evans cj.toku@gmail.com Robert McKinley
Bible Club       Heeju Kim heejk@gmail.com Joe Ryan
Black Student Union  ASG Club Room 12:30-1:30 PM Monday & Thursday DeAndre Stone deandre_stone@yahoo.com Anthony Clark
Cheerleading Club Monday and Wednesday 12-2 PM Soccer Field/Gym Yulisa Barron Cruz barronyulisa@outlook.com Tanya Geddes
Circle K International JH 103 12:30- 2 PM Tuesday Jesus Martinez lacccki@gmail.com April Pavlik
Computer Science Club       Shu Wei Zhang zy583068095@gmail.com Mozhgan Tavakoli
Creative Collective Comm Bldg 12-1 PM Tuesday Kenry Allan Hutchinson kenry.hutchinson@gmail.com Jennifer Vaughn
Cub-Barkada FH 308 12-1 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Justin Palatox justinpalatox@rocketmail.com John Lynch
D20 Generation Guild Student Union 1:30 PM Monday Jaquelin Rodriquez jaquipad1@gmail.com Daniel Ruiz
Dead Philosopher's Society Chem Bldg 201 1:45 PM & 12:15 PM Wednesday and Thursday Sean Kang kang.ss92@gmail.com Joseph Pak
Drama Club Student Union/Black Box 3:15 PM Monday & Wednesday Adriana Callender adrianaboo@gmail.com Anthony Maggio
Figures of Speech Comm Bldg 184 1:45- 3 PM Tuesday Eva Reyes  evakingsreyes@gmail.com Michael Kalustion
Forever Jung Psychology Club FSC Chem 101 12:15-1:15 PM Tuesday Brett Anderson brettelizabeth@gmail.com David Sedghi
French Club Student Union 2nd Floor 5-6:30 PM Tuesday Dolores Hernandez dolores.kymmene@gmail.com Francine Rozenkopf
G.A.N.A.S. Student Union Study Rm D 3:30 PM Monday Naylea naylea15@hotmail.com Michael Lopez
History Club Franklin Hall 222 12:10 Tuesday Cristiany Villaneñor crvi91@gmail.com Christina Heisser
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Student Union 12-1:30 PM Thursday Jaqueline Cerna Lacccki@gmail.com Richard Lewis
IYSSE       Glen Brightwell glennbrightwell@hotmail.com Joe Meyer
Japan Study Club JH 101 12:30-2 PM Thursday Victoriano Hustleer hustleervictoriano@gmail.com Grigor Ketenchian
Keeper's Club International FH 108 5-7 PM Thursday Mr. Carlos Martinez cmartinez.collegian@gmail.com Ms. Caridad Ahorro
Kerygma Bible Study FH 114 12:30-1:45 PM Thursday Raymond Chun afterpas@hotmail.com Richard Lewis
LACC ASTRONOMY CLUB SCI-TECH Rm 216 5:30-6:30 PM Thursday Alex Carr alexander1134@hotmail.com Paul McCudden
LACC BIOLOGY CLUB SCI 132 1:45 PM Wednesday Stepan Mkritchyan stepanmk@yahoo.com Sean Phommasaysy
LACC COMPOSER'S COLLECTIVE       Sean Jones seanjonestech@gmail.com Kevin Kelly
LACC PARENT CLUB CDC Rm. 107 11:00 AM Friday Sussett Mendoza susettmendoza@gmail.com Dorian Harris
LACC RESEARCH CLUB     Thursday Mayra Bravo mbravo86@live.com Dr. Bernadette Tchen
LACC Veterans Club VRC Student Union 2:00 PM Thursday Felix G. Pierre fpierre6050@yahoo.com Richard Lewis
Marvel vs DC Student Union Club Rm. 3rd Floor 12-1  PM Wednesday   krissegura08@gmail.com Elio A. Vasquez
Martin Luther King Jr. Law Society LS 102 12:00 PM Saturday Lidia Meza misslidiameza@yahoo.com Wilhelm Vargas
Nursing  CD 215 3:00 PM Wednesday Cory Sparkles & Candon Murry

corysprenkle@yahoo.com candonfarias @gmail.com

Francis Farrand
OSS Abilities Club SSV 100 1-2  PM Tuesday, Monthly     Robert Dominick
Phi Theta Kappa   3.30 PM Monday, Bi-weekly Arthur Pyuskulyan arthurp1990@yahoo.com Danielle Muller
Physics Club SCI 206 3:30-5 PM Monday Dennis Salazar dennis.salazar.lacc@gmail.com Dr. Derrick Kiley
Robotics Club FH 106 10:30-12 PM Friday Sun G. Baltazar sung103194@gmail.com Raymond Badalian
SACNAS SCI 204 2:00-3:30 PM Thursday, Bi-monthly Omar Martinez sacnaschapterlacc@gmail.com Juliet Salazar
Science Tutoring and Review SCI 314 2-5 PM Friday McKinley Prager mckinleyprager@gmail.com Kim Dinh
Secular Student Alliance Chem Bldg 101 12:15-1:45 PM Thursday Drew R. Young drewrayann@gmail.com David Sedghi
Spectrum Alliance Club   12-1:30 Thursday, Bi-monthly Jonathan Cruz cruzfej3672@student.laccd.edu Sarah Crachiolo
Sports Club            
SCN of LACC CC 149    Monday, Bi-monthly Nick Reid info@scnusa.org Charles Domokos
TEDxLACC FH 306 12-1:30, 1:30-3 PM Wednesdays & Thursdays Sergio Peralta sergioperalta.la@gmail.com Juliana Medina
Transferring Empowered Youth     Friday Stacy Umana stacyumana.94@gmail.com Terry Anderson
Vagina Warriors   2:00 PM Friday Victoria Boutros victoriaboutrosmedina@gmail.com Nadia Elahi


 To make updates to this Table please email ASGsmp@lacitycollege.edu to make an appointment for verification