asg Elections

2016 - 2017 ASG Election Candidates

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Mandie Dixon    
Julia Sarabia     
Executive Vice President    
Sable Beale    
Diego Mendez    
Vice President of Finance    
Sean Kang    
Vice President of Clubs    
Meri Ghazaryan    
Mark Mathes    
Executive Secretary     
Sabrina Fontillas    
Rosaura Quinonez    
Brenda Aguirre    
Nidia Alvarez    
Pedro Chinchilla    
Evelyn Elias    
Christopher Martinez    
Adrian Osuna    
Doug Steen    


ASG Election Committee


Charity Tolefree 

Rose Oscar

Saeed Hossaeini 


Questions about elections are to be addressed to the Election Committee Chair Charity Tolefree . You can also visit the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development located in the second floor of the Student Union.