asg Elections

2016 - 2017 ASG Election Results

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Candidate Name Votes Earned  Winner
Mandie Dixon  305  X
Julia Sarabia   154  
Executive Vice President    
Sable Beale  146  
Diego Mendez  304  X
Vice President of Finance    
Sean Kang  360  X
 No  84  
Vice President of Clubs    
Meri Ghazaryan  344  X
 No  104  
Mark Mathes  358  X
 No  82  
Executive Secretary     
Sabrina Fontillas  275  X
Rosaura Quinonez  163  
Brenda Aguirre  391  X
No 62  
Nidia Alvarez  343  X
No 97  
Pedro Chinchilla  338  X
No 105  
Evelyn Elias  342  X
No 96  
Christopher Martinez  329  X
No 111  
Adrian Osuna  306  X
No 133  
Doug Steen  334  X
No   112  


ASG Election Committee


Charity Tolefree 

Rose Oscar

Saeed Hossaeini 


Questions about elections are to be addressed to the Election Committee Chair Charity Tolefree . You can also visit the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development located in the second floor of the Student Union.