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New Additions to the Collection, January-June 2013

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004 M178o 2011 Computing essentials 2011 / Timothy J. O'Leary, Linda I. O'Leary.
005.14 P198g Glitch : the hidden impact of faulty software / Jeff Papows.
006.6869 G569r 2008 Real world Adobe Illustrator CS3 / Mordy Golding.
006.78 M459d Dreamweaver 8 : the missing manual / David Sawyer McFarland ; [edited by David Pogue].
070.19 St44b4 Broadcast news / Mitchell Stephens with Beth M. Olson.
070.43 Sh77t5 Television field production and reporting / Fred Shook, John Larson, John DeTarsio.
128.2 H186m Maps of the mind / [Charles Hampden-Turner ; illustrators, Candida Amsden ... et al].
133.5 M233a Astrology / Louis MacNeice.
150 M992e6 Exploring psychology / David G. Myers.
150 M992p8 Psychology / David G. Myers.
150.195 St37s Sexual aberrations : the phenomena of fetishism in relation to sex / Wilhelm Stekel ; authorized English version by S. Parker ; introduction by Emil A. Gutheil.
152.4 H447t That's disgusting : unraveling the mysteries of repulsion / Rachel Herz.
152.4 Se37Lb 1989 Living beyond fear : a course for coping with the emotional aspects of life-threatening illnesses for patients, families, and health-care professionals / by Jeanne Segal.
152.46 C549n Nerve : poise under pressure, serenity under stress, and the brave new science of fear and cool / Taylor Clark.
153.12 W734m Memory : fragments of a modern history / Alison Winter.
153.32 G248c2 2008 Creative visualization : use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life / Shakti Gawain.
153.35 B2782c The creativity cure : a do-it-yourself prescription for happiness / Carrie Barron and Alton Barron.
153.35 Se34i InGenius : a crash course on creativity / Tina Seelig.
153.6 B455c Connecting : a culture-sensitive approach to interpersonal communication competency / Roy M. Berko, Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, Larry A. Samovar.
153.6 N422w Words can change your brain : 12 conversation strategies to build trust, resolve conflict, and increase intimacy / Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman.
153.6 Sci46v Values for interpersonal communication : how then shall we live/ Patricia Scileppi.
153.6 T723i5 Interpersonal communication / Sarah Trenholm, Arthur Jensen.
153.69 R415n4 Nonverbal behavior in interpersonal relations / Virginia P. Richmond, James C. McCroskey.
153.8 B892c The charge : activating the 10 human drives that make you feel alive / Brendon Burchard.
153.8 M177w The willpower instinct : how self-control works, why it matters, and what you can do to get more of it / Kelly McGonigal.
154.1 Techniques for efficient remembering / [by] Donald A. Laird and Eleanor C. Laird.
154.7 M334h Hypnosis : fact and fiction.
155 Sa59t2 A topical approach to life-span development / John W. Santrock.
155.232 F83r Rainy brain, sunny brain : how to retrain your brain to overcome pessimism and achieve a more positive outlook / Elaine Fox.
155.24 R15t The two-second advantage : how we succeed by anticipating the future just enough / Vivek Ranadiv*e, Kevin Maney.
155.7 M268g Games primates play : an undercover investigation of the evolution and economics of human relationships / Dario Maestripieri.
155.9 So558s Situations matter : understanding how context transforms your world / Sam Sommers.
155.92 H711s Second that emotion : how decisions, trends, and movements are shaped / Jeremy D. Holden.
155.935 G589s Surviving survival : the art and science of resilience / Laurence Gonzales.
158 C812i7 I never knew I had a choice : explorations in personal growth / Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey.
158 C838sfr 2004 The 7 habits of highly effective people : restoring the character ethic / Stephen R. Covey.
158 C89f Finding flow : the psychology of engagement with everyday life / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
158 Sm61g Good self, bad self : transforming your worst qualities into your biggest assets / by Judy Smith.
158.1 L317f The fire starter sessions : a soulful + practical guide to creating success on your own terms / Danielle LaPorte.
158.2 B73c Click : the magic of instant connections / Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman.
158.2 D496m5 Messages : building interpersonal communication skills / Joseph A. DeVito.
158.2 St49b8 Bridges not walls : a book about interpersonal communication / [edited by] John Stewart.
158.2 W85r Relational communication : continuity and change in personal relationships / Julia T. Wood.
160 C769e The elements of reasoning / David A. Conway, Ronald Munson.
160 K12Lc10 Logic and contemporary rhetoric : the use of reason in everyday life / Howard Kahane, Nancy Cavender.
170 G767s Strings attached : untangling the ethics of incentives / Ruth W. Grant.
170 G826p Prolegomena to ethics / Thomas Hill Green ; edited by A. C. Bradley.
174 Se29e Economics of good and evil : the quest for economic meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street / Tomas Sedlacek.
174.4 B513b Bingsop's fables : little morals for big business / Stanley Bing ; with illustrations by Steve Brodner.
174.4 C838s Smart trust : creating prosperity, energy and joy in a low-trust world / Stephen M.R. Covey and Greg Link ; with Rebecca R. Merrill.
174.4 H318e Ethical chic : the inside story of the companies we think we love / Fran Hawthorne.
177.3 St495t Tangled webs : how false statements are undermining America : from Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff / James B. Stewart.
194 F821o How to read Foucault / Johanna Oksala.
194 Sa77be How to read Sartre / Robert Bernasconi.
201.3 B871a The age of fable;
201.615 H125r The righteous mind : why good people are divided by politics and religion / Jonathan Haidt.
277.3083 D749b Bad religion : how we became a nation of heretics / Ross Douthat.
297.12 K84r The Koran / translated from the Arabic by J.M. Rodwell ; introduction by G. Margoliouth.
302.2 D496e2 Essentials of human communication / Joseph A. DeVito.
302.2242 M138i7 An introduction to rhetorical communication / James C. McCroskey.
302.231 J298p Public parts : how sharing in the digital age improves the way we work and live / Jeff Jarvis.
302.231 K25d Digital vertigo : how today's online social revolution is dividing, diminishing, and disorienting us / Andrew Keen.
302.231 M216c Consent of the networked : the world-wide struggle for Internet freedom / Rebecca MacKinnon.
302.231 R342n Net smart : how to thrive online / Howard Rheingold ; drawings by Anthony Weeks.
303.34 Su53m Making a difference : stories of vision and courage from America's leaders / Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, with Douglas Century.
303.372 N944c Creating capabilities : the human development approach / Martha C. Nussbaum.
303.38 Su77w The wisdom of crowds : why the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes business, economies, societies, and nations / James Surowiecki.
303.482 K964n No one's world : the West, the rising rest, and the coming global turn / Chales A. Kupchan.
303.483 C278x X-events : the collapse of everything / John Casti.
303.483 D541a Abundance : the future is better than you think / Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler.
303.483 St35a Automate this : how algorithms came to rule our world / Christopher Steiner.
303.4833 C42a Always on : how the iPhone unlocked the anything - anytime - anywhere future--and locked us in / Brian X. Chen.
303.4833 J630i The information diet : a case for conscious consumption / Clay A. Johnson.
303.4833 J637f Future perfect : the case for progress in a networked age / Steven Johnson.
303.4833 P175i Interop : the promise and perils of highly interconnected systems / John Palfrey and Urs Gasser.
303.4834 B498i I live in the future & here's how it works : why your world, work, and brain are being creatively disrupted / Nick Bilton.
304.28 L318e EcoMind : changing the way we think, to create the world we want / Frances Moore Lapp*e.
304.6 F539s Shock of gray : the aging of the world's population and how it pits young against old, child against parent, worker against boss, company against rival, and nation against nation / Ted C. Fishman.
305.2 R361h4 Human development : a life-span approach / F. Philip Rice.
305.23 B458c4 Child, family, school, community : socialization and support / Roberta M. Berns.
305.4209 W635f The 51% minority : how women still are not equal and what you can do about it / Lis Wiehl.
305.8 W676nL 1995 New people : miscegenation and mulattoes in the United States / Joel Williamson.
305.8009 R37i Interracial communication / Andrea L. Rich.
306.3097 Ei83s Shoptimism : why the American consumer will keep on buying no matter what / Lee Eisenberg.
306.7 C119s Sexual reckonings : Southern girls in a troubling age / Susan K. Cahn.
306.8742 Un311m Men can : the changing image and reality of fatherhood in America / Donald N. S. Unger.
307.14 W889w We shall not be moved : rebuilding home in the wake of Katrina / Tom Wooten.
307.76 C230h Hollowing out the middle : the rural brain drain and what it means for America / Patrick J. Carr, Maria J. Kefalas.
320.973 B937gb4 Government by the people / James MacGregor Burns ... [et al.].
320.973 Ed75a The age of austerity : how scarcity will remake American politics / Thomas Byrne Edsall.
320.9791 B483s State out of the union : Arizona and the final showdown over the American dream / Jeff Biggers.
323.1196 K386s Sellout : the politics of racial betrayal / Randall Kennedy.
323.4097 R344b The Rhetoric of the civil-rights movement / [compiled by] Haig A. Bosmajian [and] Hamida Bosmajian.
327.5 R183p Pakistan on the brink : the future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan / Ahmed Rashid.
327.73 F327w While America sleeps : a wake-up call for the post-9/11 era / Russ Feingold.
327.73 Su77L Liberty's surest guardian : Rebuilding nations after war from the founders to Obama / Jeremi Suri.
328.7307 L566r Republic, lost : how money corrupts Congress--and a plan to stop it / Lawrence Lessig.
330.122 M496w Why capitalism? / Allan H. Meltzer.
330.122 Z663c A capitalism for the people : recapturing the lost genius of American prosperity / Luigi Zingales.
330.15 N17g Grand pursuit : the story of economic genius / Sylvia Nasar.
330.9 Ea77s Sonic boom : globalization at mach speed / Gregg Easterbrook.
330.94 So69f Financial turmoil in Europe and the United States : essays / George Soros.
330.9415 L991w When the luck of the Irish ran out : the world's most resilient country and its struggle to rise again / David J. Lynch.
330.954 K143i India becoming : a portrait of life in modern India / Akash Kapur.
330.973 G751m Money well spent? : the truth behind the trillion dollar stimulus, the biggest economic recovery plan in history / Michael Grabell.
330.973 G914b Better, stronger, faster : the myth of American decline-- and the rise of a new economy / Daniel Gross.
330.973 H872t Third World America : how our politicians are abandoning the middle class and betraying the American dream / Arianna Huffington.
330.973 St524f Freefall : America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy / Joseph E. Stiglitz.
330.9747 D280m Modern New York : the life and economics of a city / Greg David.
331.1097 M817n The new geography of jobs / Enrico Moretti.
331.793 D373m Money at work : on the job with priests, poker players, and hedge fund traders / Kevin J. Delaney.
332.019 C632h The hour between dog and wolf : risk taking, gut feelings and the biology of boom and bust / John Coates.
332.024 H913s 7 money rules for life : how to take control of your financial future / Mary Hunt.
332.024 P573d Doing more with less : the new way to wealth / Bruce W. Piasecki.
332.0973 K848j Jimmy Stewart is dead : ending the world's ongoing financial plague with limited purpose banking / Laurence J. Kotlikoff.
332.1 B955f The financial system and the economy / Maureen Burton, Ray Lombra.
332.32 G884L The lost bank : the story of Washington Mutual--the biggest bank failure in American history / Kirsten Grind.
332.4 W836e The end of money : counterfeiters, preachers, techies, dreamers-and the coming cashless society / David Wolman.
332.6322 C848jm Jim Cramer's mad money : watch TV, get rich / James J. Cramer with Cliff Mason.
332.6322 C848jr Jim Cramer's real money : sane investing in an insane world / James J. Cramer.
332.6324 Si79ei9 Essentials of real estate investment / David Sirota.
332.643 D873d Dark markets : asset pricing and information transmission in over-the-counter markets / Darrell Duffie.
333.3 P314L The land grabbers : the new fight over who owns the Earth / Fred Pearce.
333.33 C1288g3 California real estate economics / Ignacio Gonzalez, consulting editor.
333.33 H862r4 Real estate economics / Walt Huber, Levin P. Messick, William Pivar.
333.79 M916e Energy for future presidents : the science behind the headlines / Richard A. Muller.
333.794 P423c Clean tech nation : how the U.S. can lead in the new global economy / Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder with Trevor Winnie.
333.822 B483r Reckoning at Eagle Creek : the secret legacy of coal in the heartland / Jeff Biggers.
333.822 L574s Stand up that mountain : the battle to save one small community in the wilderness along the Appalachian Trail / Jay Erskine Leutze.
333.91 G753d Dam nation : how water shaped the west and will determine its future / Stephen Grace.
333.92 W199h Harvest the wind : America's journey to jobs, energy independence, and climate stability / Philip Warburg.
336.2714 C236p Progressive consumption taxation : the X tax revisited / Robert Carroll, Alan D. Viard.
337 Au36c The coming prosperity : how entrepreneurs are transforming the global economy / Philip Auerswald.
337 G855g Globalization n. the irrational fear that someone in China will take your job / Bruce C. Greenwald and Judd Kahn.
337 R618g The globalization paradox : democracy and the future of the world economy / Dani Rodrik.
338.04 L71b Better capitalism : renewing the entrepreneurial strength of the American economy / Robert E. Litan and Carl J. Schramm.
338.064 V198n Need, speed, and greed : how the new rules of innovation can transform businesses, propel nations to greatness, and tame the world's most wicked problems / Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran.
338.2728 R733o The oil curse : how petroleum wealth shapes the development of nations / Michael L. Ross.
338.761 L579i In the plex : how Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives / Steven Levy.
338.9 L630q The quest for prosperity : how developing economies can take off / Justin Yifu Lin.
340.068 M846Lo6 Legal office procedures / Joyce Morton.
342.7307 H272v The voting wars : from Florida 2000 to the next election meltdown / Richard L. Hasen.
342.7308 M576e Endowed by our creator : the birth of religious freedom in America / Michael I. Meyerson.
343.07 C789s Solomon's knot : how law can end the poverty of nations / Robert D. Cooter, Hans-Bernd Schafer.
346.7302 F9125c Contract as promise : a theory of contractual obligation / Charles Fried.
346.794 Sh633pri11 California real estate principles / Sherry Shinder Price.
R 360 R431s 2012-2013 Los Angeles & Ventura Counties ... social service rainbow referral guide.
361 K641h2 The human services internship : getting the most from your experience / Pamela Myers Kiser.
362.1 W832h The human right to health / Jonathan Wolff.
362.14 An24h Home care nursing : using an accreditation approach / Patsy Anderson, Deolinda Mignor.
362.173 C236n Nursing leadership and management : a practical guide / Patricia L. Carroll.
362.173 F495L Leadership and management in nursing / Anita W. Finkelman.
362.173 K296e Essentials of nursing leadership & management / Patricia Kelly-Heidenthal.
362.1968 F829n Nowhere near normal : a memoir of OCD / Traci Foust.
362.1969 T481t Tinderbox : how the West sparked the AIDS epidemic and how the world can finally overcome it / Craig Timberg and Daniel Halperin.
362.196994 B439c The cost of hope : a memoir / Amanda Bennett.
363.179 L814s The silent epidemic : coal and the hidden threat to health / Alan H. Lockwood.
363.325 P419f Find, fix, finish : inside the counterterrorism campaigns that killed Bin Laden and devastated Al-Qaeda / Aki Peritz & Eric Rosenbach.
363.3253 W681m The mirage man : Bruce Ivins, the anthrax attacks, and America's rush to war / David Willman.
363.34 Sa183L Learning from the octopus : how secrets from nature can help us fight terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and disease / Rafe Sagarin.
363.3463 F534c Crashes, crises, and calamities : how we can use science to read the early-warning signs / Len Fisher.
363.738 M781p Plastic ocean : how a sea captain's chance discovery launched a determined quest to save the oceans / Charles Moore with Cassandra Phillips.
363.7387 R418b Beyond smoke and mirrors : climate change and energy in the 21st century / Burton Richter.
364.143 T373h 1996 Hell's angels : a strange and terrible saga / Hunter S. Thompson.
364.1523 G566y You will see fire : a search for justice in Kenya / Christopher Goffard.
368.38 F759i10 Insurance handbook for the medical office / Marilyn Takahashi Fordney.
370.19 G335hp Home, school, and community relations : professional advancement / Carol Gestwicki.
371.1 D237i I'd like to apologize to every teacher I ever had : my year as a rookie teacher at Northeast High / Tony Danza.
371.21 D492b2 Developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs / Sue Bredekamp and Carol Copple, editors.
374.973 R72b Back to school : why everyone deserves a second chance at education / Mike Rose.
378.73 P442a 2013 v.1 4 year colleges.
378.73 P442a 2013 v.2 2 year colleges.
387.7095 F196c China airborne / James Fallows.
388.4 G866s Straphanger : saving our cities and ourselves from the automobile / Taras Grescoe.
395.3 B644p3 The power to communicate : gender differences as barriers / Deborah Borisoff, Lisa Merrill.
412 L516sp Semantics / Geoffrey Leech.
423 Am35m82 The American heritage dictionary / William Morris, editor.
423.1 F877c3 A concise dictionary of English idioms / William Freeman.
423.1 Sch64s Scholastic dictionary of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.
428.1 L669e 1991 An exaltation of larks / James Lipton.
428.2 Em36ea13 English fundamentals, form A / Donald W. Emery, John M. Kierzek, Peter Lindblom.
463.21 B455b Berlitz dictionary Spanish-English English-Spanish : Diccionario espa*nol-ingl*s ingl*s-espa*nol.
513.1 C239pc3 Prealgebra / Tom Carson.
523.8875 Sch17g Gravity's engines : how bubble-blowing black holes rule galaxies, stars, and life in the cosmos / Caleb Scharf.
530.12 W831ti Time loops and space twists : how God created the universe / Fred Alan Wolf.
551.609 L642w The winds of change : climate, weather, and the destruction of civilizations / Eugene Linden.
570.1 T364Lb The lives of a cell : notes of a biology watcher / Lewis Thomas.
576.839 Sa793L The life of super-Earths : how the hunt for alien worlds and artificial cells will revolutionize life on our planet / Dimitar Sasselov.
577.3 R935a American canopy : trees, forests, and the making of a nation / Eric Rutkow.
591.5 Sm79o The other side of normal : how biology is providing the clues to unlock the secrets of normal and abnormal behavior / Jordan Smoller.
609 P449ev The evolution of useful things / Henry Petroski.
610.3 T113c19 2001 Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary.
610.73 Ac57n6 Nursing diagnosis handbook : a guide to planning care / [edited by] Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig.
610.73 B456s6 Skills in clinical nursing / Audrey Berman, Shirlee Snyder, Christina Jackson.
610.73 C28n5 Nursing now! : today's issues, tomorrow's trends / Joseph T. Catalano.
610.73 C424c3 Contemporary nursing : issues, trends, & management / Barbara Cherry, Susan R. Jacob.
610.73 F9628L3 Fundamentals of nursing : standards & practice / Sue C. DeLaune, Patricia K. Ladner.
610.73 Os13m Medical-surgical nursing : preparation for practice / Kathleen S. Osborn, Cheryl E. Wraa, Annita Watson.
610.73 P759c Concepts of the nursing profession / Karin A. Polifko.
610.73 P942b5 Professional nursing practice : concepts and perspectives / Kathleen Koernig Blais ... [et al.].
610.73 R135u Using your head to land on your feet : a beginning nurse's guide to critical thinking / Bonnie Raingruber, Ann Haffer.
610.7302 H353h4 Handbook of informatics for nurses & health care professionals / Toni Hebda, Patricia Czar.
R 610.7303 N938f Nursing leadership : a concise encyclopedia / editor-in-chief, Harriet R. Feldman ; associate editors, Marilyn Jaffe-Ruiz ... [et al.].
610.7306 Ar64i5 Interpersonal relationships : professional communication skills for nurses / Elizabeth C. [sic] Arnold, Kathleen Underman Boggs.
610.7306 K159k2 Keys to nursing success / Janet R. Katz ... [et al.].
610.7306 K214a3 Advancing your career : concepts of professional nursing / Rose Kearney-Nunnery.
610.7306 P967n4 The nursing assistant : acute, subacute, and long-term care / JoLynn Pulliam.
610.7307 D92h 2005 How to survive and maybe even love your life as a nurse / Kelli S. Dunham and Staci J. Smith.
610.7307 Ir91n 2010 NCLEX-RN : strategies for the registered nursing licensing exam / Barbara J. Irwin, Judith A. Burckhardt.
610.7307 K214m Making the transition from LPN to RN / Rose Kearney-Nunnery.
610.7307 Si39ss2 Saunders strategies for test success : passing nursing school and the NCLEX-RN exam / Linda Anne Silvestri.
610.7307 W892a Advanced skills for nursing assistants / Francie Wolgin.
610.7343 H633c2 Community health nursing : caring in action / Janice E. Hitchcock, Phyllis E. Schubert, Sue A. Thomas.
610.7343 H914i3 Introduction to community-based nursing / Roberta Hunt.
610.7343 L972c Community health nursing : caring for the public's health / Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes.
610.7343 Z832b6 Being a homemaker/home health aide / [edited by] Elana D. Zucker.
610.7361 Sch86s2 Saunders nursing survival guide : critical care & emergency nursing / Lori Schumacher, Cynthia Chernecky.
610.7361 W125h4 High acuity nursing / Kathleen Dorman Wagner, Karen Johnson, Pamela Stinson Kidd,.
610.7362 B21p4 Pediatric nursing : caring for children / Jane W. Ball, Ruth C. Bindler.
612.664 W671b Breasts : a natural and unnatural history / Florence Williams.
612.67 L859g Longevity rules : how to age well into the future / Stuart Greenbaum, editor.
612.82 Ac57a An alchemy of mind : the marvel and mystery of the brain / Diane Ackerman.
613 C311c The cure for everything : untangling twisted messages about health, fitness, and happiness / Timothy Caulfield.
613 H137i11 An invitation to health / Dianne Hales.
613 M449h2 Health promotion in nursing / Janice A. Maville, Carolina G. Huerta.
613.0424 SL52b4 Biology of women / Ethel Sloane.
613.2 H18ns11 Study guide for Sizer and Whitney's Nutrition concepts and controversies Ninth edition / Jana Kicklighter.
613.25 K632w Weight loss boss : how to finally win at losing-- and take charge in an out-of-control food world / David Kirchhoff.
613.26 M316f Fit2 fat 2fit : the unexpected lessons from gaining and losing 75 lbs on purpose / Drew Manning with Brad Pierce.
R 615.11 P569d 2013 Physicians' desk reference : PDR.
616.044 F199m3 Medical and psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and disability / Donna Falvo.
616.07 Un22hs5 Study guide for Understanding pathophysiology : 5th edition: Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance ; section editors, Valentina L. Brashers, Neal S. Rote /cprepared by Clayton F. Parkinson.
616.075 F521m7 A manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests / Frances Talaska Fischbach, with Marshall Barnett Dunning III.
616.8491 T268s The spectrum of migraine / Stewart J. Tepper.
616.8527 G829m Manufacturing depression : the secret history of a modern disease / Gary Greenberg.
616.855 M744m Modifying vocal behavior / John P. Moncur, Isaac P. Brackett.
616.89 C886p The power of procovery in healing mental illness : just start anywhere / Kathleen Crowley.
616.890231 An86p Psychiatric nursing : biological & behavioral concepts / [edited by] Deborah Antai-Otong.
616.890231 B692p3 Psychiatric nursing : contemporary practice / [edited by] Mary Ann Boyd.
616.890231 F917p3 Psychiatric mental health nursing / Noreen Cavan Frisch, Lawrence E. Frisch.
616.890231 K737c Contemporary psychiatric-mental health nursing / Carol Ren Kneisl, Holly Skodol Wilson, Eileen Trigoboff.
616.890231 Sh69b6 Basic concepts of psychiatric-mental health nursing.
616.890231 T665e3 Essentials of psychiatric mental health nursing / Mary C. Townsend.
616.890231 T665p5 Psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice / Mary C. Townsend.
616.8918 B413d Dosed : the medication generation grows up / Kaitlin Bell Barnett.
616.9944 C36b Breast cancer : real questions, real answers / David Chan ; illustrated by Eric F. Glassy ; preface by John Glaspy ; introduction by Frank Stockdale.
617.0231 L588m6 Medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical problems / [edited by] Sharon Mantik Lewis, Margaret McLean Heitkemper, Shannon Ruff Dirksen ; section editors, Patricia Graber O'Brien, Jean Foret Giddens, Linda Bucher.
617.0231 M468d Medical-surgical nursing : concepts & practice / [edited by] Susan C. deWit ; photographs by Jack Sanders.
618.0231 M468i5 Medical-surgical nursing : critical thinking for collaborative care / [edited by] Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman.
618.1 H869w Women's encyclopedia of natural medicine : alternative therapies and integrative medicine / by Tori Hudson ; foreword by Christiane Northrup.
618.2023 L124c6 Contemporary maternal-newborn nursing care / Patricia W. Ladewig, Marcia L. London, Michele R. Davidson.
618.2023 W217n Maternal-child nursing care : optimizing outcomes for mothers, children, and families / Susan L. Ward, Shelton M. Hisley.
618.20231 D457m Maternal and newborn success : a course review applying critical thinking to test taking / Margot De Sevo.
618.20231 L846m2 Maternal & child nursing care / Marcia L. London ... [et al.].
618.20231 L846mn Maternal-newborn & child nursing : family-centered care / Marcia L. London ... [et al.].
618.24 M946w4 What to expect when you're expecting / by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel ; foreword by Charles J. Lockwood.
618.9202 P931p10 Pediatric nursing : an introductory text / Debra L. Price, Julie F. Gwin.
629.892 L852d Darwin's devices : what evolving robots can teach us about the history of life and the future of technology / John Long.
631.584 R611o Organic manifesto : how organic farming can heal our planet, feed the world, and keep us safe / Maria Rodale ; foreword by Eric Schlosser.
635.9341 W67o Orchids for everyone : a practical guide to the home cultivation of over 200 of the world's most beautiful varieties / principal author, Brian Williams ; consultant, Jack Kramer.
635.986 B684c Container gardens / Daria Price Bowman.
641.815 B63w White bread : a social history of the store-bought loaf / Aaron Bobrow-Strain.
643.3 D81r Dream kitchens : recipes and ideas for modern kitchens.
646.3 F955c Color with style / by Donna Fujii ; with Judith Walthers von Alten.
647.95 W541d Dining in style : 50 great hotel restaurants of the world / Wexler, Madelin [and] Hotels.
650.1 EL59e The education of millionaires : it's not what you think and it's not too late / Michael Ellsberg.
650.1 L544p Practice perfect : 42 rules for getting better at getting better / Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Katie Yezzi ; foreword by Dan Heath.
650.1 M916g Get lucky : how to put planned serendipity to work for you and your business / Thor Muller, Lane Becker.
650.1 P422s Sleeping with your smartphone : how to break the 24/7 habit and change the way you work / Leslie A. Perlow.
650.13 N151bw The bully-free workplace : stop jerks, weasels, and snakes from killing your organization / Gary Namie, Ruth F. Namie.
652.5536 Ob2m9 2003 Microsoft Word 2002 manual for Gregg keyboarding & document processing : 9th edition : lessons 1-120 / Scot Ober ... [et al.].
658.046 B737c Collaborate or perish! : reaching across boundaries in a networked world / William Bratton and Zachary Tumin.
658.0546 Z191s The social media marketing book / Dan Zarrella.
658.301 C169w Workforce of one : revolutionizing talent management through customization / Susan M. Cantrell, David Smith.
658.4 K849L5 The leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations / James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner.
658.4012 J298w What would Google do? / Jeff Jarvis.
658.4022 F928t Team turnarounds : a playbook for transforming underperforming teams / Joe Frontiera, Daniel Leidl.
658.4022 P939h Help the helper : building a culture of extreme teamwork / Kevin Pritchard and John Eliot.
658.406 J444r The reinventors : how extraordinary companies pursue radical continuous change / Jason Jennings.
658.409 R339p Pushback : how smart women ask--and stand up--for what they want / Selena Rezvani ; Foreword by Lois P. Frankel.
658.4092 B592Lh Leading at a higher level : Blanchard on leadership and creating high performing organizations / the founding associates and consulting partners of the Ken Blanchard Companies ; with an introduction by Ken Blanchard.
658.4092 UL7w The why of work : how great leaders build abundant organizations that win / Dave Ulrich, Wendy Ulrich.
658.421 M5823p The pumpkin plan : a simple strategy to grow a remarkable business in any field / Mike Michalowicz.
658.45 L585p The pin drop principle : captivate, influence, and communicate better using the time-tested methods of professional performers / David H. Lewis and G. Riley Mills.
658.452 Sj52s Small message, big impact : the elevator speech effect / Terri L. Sjodin.
658.473 B629r Risk and security management : protecting people and sites worldwide / Michael Blyth.
658.8 K455m11 Marketing / Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius.
658.8 M216s Sales growth : five proven strategies from the world's sales leaders / McKinsey & Company ... [et al.]
658.8 M277a The Arab world unbound : tapping into the power of 350 million consumers / Vijay Mahajan with Dan Zehr.
658.8 Q33a All business is local : why place matters more than ever in a global, virtual world / John A. Quelch and Katherine E. Jocz.
658.8 V584m Micromarketing : get big results by thinking and acting small / Greg Verdino.
658.8343 In49e Empathetic marketing : how to satisfy the 6 core emotional needs of your customers / Mark Ingwer.
658.872 Z191z Zarrella's hierarchy of contagiousness : the science, design, and engineering of contagious ideas / Dan Zarrella.
659.1 T862d The daily you : how the new advertising industry is defining your identity and your world / Joseph Turow.
686.2252 W675n3 The non-designers design book : design and typographic principles for the visual novice / Robin Williams.
686.2254 D49d Desktop publishing style guide / Sandra Lentz Devall, Esther Kibby (chapter 13).
700.973 Am35j American artists on art from 1940 to 1980 / edited by Ellen H. Johnson.
701.15 Z37i Inner vision : an exploration of art and the brain / Semir Zeki.
R 708.421 N213a Art treasures of the National Gallery, London / text by Philip Hendy.
709.04 H443t Theories of contemporary art / [edited by] Richard Hertz.
709.04 H874s The Shock of the new / Robert Hughes.
709.04 W146c Collage, assemblage, and the found object / Diane Waldman.
709.44 L46c Creation is a patient search / [by] Le Corbusier [pseud.] Translated by James Palmes ; introd. by Maurice Jardot.
728.09794 St83f Freestyle, the new architecture and interior design from Los Angeles / Tim Street-Porter ; with an introduction by Pilar Viladas and an afterword by Paul Goldberger.
729.28 L16p Perception and lighting as formgivers for architecture / William M.C. Lam ; edited by Christopher Hugh Ripman.
ff 739.27 Sa81p The pleasure of jewelry and gemstones / [by] Joseph Sataloff and Alison Richards.
741.6 Ev16e Exploring the elements of design / Poppy Evans, Mark Thomas.
743.42 P411d Drawing faces and expressions / rev. by Rune Hagman.
743.49 C414d Drawing hands.
745.4 B62d Design essentials : a handbook / Jonathan Block, Gisele Atterberry.
745.44 H292d Design / Thomas Hauffe ; [American text version by Editorial Office, Sulzer-Reichel ; translated by Sally Schreiber ; edited by Bessie Blum].
R 745.6103 F73c The calligraphers' dictionary / Rose Folsom ; introduction by Hermann Zapf.
747 P217m Making the most of small spaces / Anoop Parikh.
747.213 W783m Modern essentials / Rozemarijn de Witte ; photography by Hotze Eisma.
747.77 On23b 1001 decorating ideas : bedrooms.
747.7949 C129L L.A. inside out : the architecture and interiors of America's most colorful city / Paddy Calistro and Betty Goodwin ; photographs by Grey Crawford ; afterword by Michael Rotondi ; designed by Alexander Isley.
747.797 Sh35h House beautiful kitchens / the editors of House beautiful magazine ; text by Carol Sama Sheehan.
ff 749 N42c The new modern furniture design / [Francisco Asensio Cerver ; forward by Jorge Pensi.]
749.213 K58e An encyclopedia of sofas / Constance King.
749.3 B41b The bed / Alecia Beldegreen ; photographs by Thibault Jeanson ; additional photographs by Lilo Raymond.
759.13 F327n Lyonel Feininger / edited by June L. Ness.
759.13 H77g Edward Hopper, exhibition and catalogue. [Text] by Lloyd Goodrich.
759.18 In2t Independent spirits : women painters of the American West, 1890-1945 / Patricia Trenton, editor ; with essays by Sandra D'Emilio ... et al.].
759.3 N714e Emil Nolde: landscapes; watercolors and drawings [by] Martin Urban. [Translated from the German by Paul Stevenson]
759.36 K684o The lady in gold : the extraordinary tale of Gustav Klimt's masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer / by Anne-Marie O'Connor.
759.4 M813m Gustave Moreau : the assembler of dreams, 1826-1898 / Pierre-Louis Mathieu ; translation from the French, Charles Penwarden ; revision Jo Collett.
R 759.5 B659s Sandro Botticelli (1444/5-1510) / text by Frederick Hartt.
759.94 L896a The Ahmanson gifts : European masterpieces in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Philip Conisbee, Mary L. Levkoff, Richard Rand.
759.9494 K671sp Paul Klee : the thinking eye : notebooks of Paul Klee / edited by Jurg Spiller ; translated by Ralph Manheim from the German ed. "Das bildnerische Denken.".
769.92 K834ks K*athe Kollwitz, life in art / Mina C. Klein, H. Arthur Klein.
R 769.924 Es16e The world of M.C. Escher / [edited by J.L. Locher].
769.924 Es16er The magic mirror of M.C. Escher / Bruno Ernst ; [translated from the Dutch by John E. Brigham].
769.924 Es16g The graphic work of M.C. Escher / translated from the Dutch by John E. Brigham.
769.943 B853g The graphic art of German expressionism.
769.943 St35g The graphic art of Jakob Steinhardt / with a critical appreciation by Haim Gamzu.
771 L846s6 A short course in photography : an introduction to photographic technique / Barbara London, Jim Stone.
776 Sp36k Karen Sperling's Painting for photographers : steps and art lessons for painting photos in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop.
778.53 EL52c3 The camera assistant's manual / David E. Elkins.
780.3 B621e6 The new everyman dictionary of music / originally compiled by Eric Blom.
791.4309 M222w We'll always have the movies : American cinema during World War II / Robert L. McLaughlin, Sally E. Parry.
791.437 F739t To kill a mockingbird ; Tender mercies ; and, The trip to Bountiful : three screenplays / by Horton Foote.
791.4372 G538d Down in the delta : a screenplay / Myron Goble ; introduction by Maya Angelou.
791.4372 L644h Hollywood under siege : Martin Scorsese, the religious right, and the culture wars / Thomas R. Lindlof.
796.083 H997m The most expensive game in town : the rising cost of youth sports and the toll on today's families / Mark Hyman.
796.357 N313y Yankee miracles : life with the boss and the Bronx bombers / Ray Negron and Sally Cook ; introduction by Hank Steinbrenner.
796.522 K858i Into thin air : a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster / Jon Krakauer.
796.522 Z83b Buried in the sky : the extraordinary story of the Sherpa climbers on K2's deadliest day / Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan.
808.042 L973et Everything's an argument / Andrea A. Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz.
808.042 M443c The composition of everyday life : a guide to writing / John Mauk, John Metz.
808.0427 C76s2 Conversations : readings for writing / [compiled by] Jack Selzer.
808.0427 P375s9 Short takes : model essays for composition / Elizabeth Penfield.
808.0427 T759s5 Structured reading / Lynn Quitman Troyka, Joseph Wayne Thweatt.
R 808.1 St48h9 v.1 The home book of verse, American and English : with an appendix containing a few well-known poems in other languages.
R 808.1 St48h9 v.2 The home book of verse, American and English : with an appendix containing a few well-known poems in other languages.
808.5 B458v Voice and the actor / Cicely Berry.
808.5 C786w Winning with your voice / Morton Cooper.
808.5 M744d Developing your speaking voice / [by] John P. Moncur and Harrison M. Karr.
808.51 M312e Effective presentation skills / Steve Mandel.
808.54 Ag38c2 Communicative reading / [by] Otis J. Aggertt [and] Elbert R. Bowen.
808.54 H391r Reading aloud effectively.
808.54 P249r3 Reading aloud.
808.83 M263pvf v.2 A Pocketful of prose : vintage short fiction / [edited by] David Madden.
808.88 D561m A Dictionary of American proverbs / Wolfgang Mieder, editor in chief ; Stewart A. Kingsbury and Kelsie B. Harder, editors.
808.882 G262w The world in a phrase : a brief history of the aphorism / James Geary.
R 810.9 Ox2d The Oxford companion to women's writing in the United States / editors in chief, Cathy N. Davidson, Linda Wagner-Martin ; editors, Elizabeth Ammons ... [et al.].
810.93 Se81m Dr. Seuss / Ruth K. MacDonald.
811 M781a The Annotated Night before Christmas : a collection of sequels, parodies, and imitations of Clement Moore's immortal ballad about Santa Claus / edited, with an introduction and notes, by Martin Gardner.
811.6 M222m My poets / Maureen N. McLane.
813.4 G464o Oz : the hundredth anniversary celebration / edited by Peter Glassman.
814 Em34eh Essays / by Ralph Waldo Emerson ; with introduction by Irwin Edman.
814 R245g Red : teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today / edited by Amy Goldwasser.
815.08 Sm51r Rhetoric of Black revolution / [by] Arthur L. Smith.
821.08 N489b The New Yorker book of poems / selected by the editors of the New Yorker.
822.3 H18mo The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark / by William Shakespeare ; [editors, Barbara A. Mowat, Paul Werstine].
822.3 K5832c King Lear / edited by John Crowther.
822.3 K5832o 2000 King Lear : the 1608 Quarto and 1623 Folio texts / William Shakespeare ; edited by Stephen Orgel.
822.3 R664mo The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet / by William Shakespeare ; [editors, Barbara A. Mowat, Paul Werstine].
822.3 Sh15wk Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies : a facsimile edition / prepared by Helge K*okeritz ; with an introduction by Charles Tyler Prouty.
822.3 T246mo 2004 The tempest / by William Shakespeare ; [edited by Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine ; illustrated with material in the Folger Library collections].
822.33 B912s Shakespeare / [by] Anthony Burgess.
862 G141i Information for foreigners : three plays / by Griselda Gambaro ; edited, translated, and with an introduction by Marguerite Feitlowitz ; with an afterword by Diana Taylor.
882 So66ab Antigone / Sophocles ; translated by Richard Emil Braun.
888.5 Ar64m The basic works of Aristotle / edited and with an introduction by Richard Mckeon.
910.02 C466g7 Geosystems : an introduction to physical geography / Robert W. Christopherson.
910.453 M451t Titanic tragedy : a new look at the lost liner / John Maxtone-Graham.
R 912 G613w22 Goode's world atlas / Howard Veregin, editor ; editorial advisory board, Robert W. Christopherson ... [et al.].
921 An431ab I know why the caged bird sings / Maya Angelou.
921 B6334bsp Bogart : in search of my father / Stephen Humphrey Bogart.
921 H299h Disaster preparedness / Heather Havrilesky.
921 L6416a Against wind and tide : letters and journals, 1947-1986 / Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
921 M3692eq Bloody Mary : the life of Mary Tudor / Carolly Erickson.
921 M7466ma Borrowed time : an AIDS memoir / Paul Monette.
921 Op5bv American Prometheus : the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer / Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.
921 P1758j Just as I thought / Grace Paley.
921 P4462b All in : the education of General David Petraeus / Paula Broadwell with Vernon Loeb.
921 P8711pi It worked for me : in life and leadership / Colin Powell with Tony Koltz.
921 R364r Power concedes nothing : one woman's quest for social justice in America from the courtrooms to the kill zones / Connie Rice.
921 Sch96h The governator : from Muscle Beach to his quest for the White House, the improbable rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger /cIan Halperin.
921 Sm634p Just kids / Patti Smith.
921 So786f Sonia Sotomayor : the true American dream / Antonia Felix.
921 T213L The accidental feminist : how Elizabeth Taylor raised our consciousness and we were too distracted by her beauty to notice / M.G. Lord.
921 V465f A fortunate life / Robert Vaughn.
921 W4292h Kurt Weill on stage : from Berlin to Broadway / Foster Hirsch.
ff 929.2 L828c The clans of the Scottish Highlands : the costumes of the clans / R. R. McIan ; text by James Logan ; foreword by Antonia Fraser.
932 D28e The Egyptian kingdoms / by A. Rosalie David ; [editor, Courtlandt Canby ; assistant editor, Elaine Paintin].
940.531 H426f Freedom's forge : how American business produced victory in World War II / Arthur Herman.
940.5449 L884m My queer war / James Lord.
941 Sm87b Battlefields of Britain : the complete illustrated guide / David Smurthwaite.
954.04 F888i India : a portrait / Patrick French.
955.053 D35p Patriot of Persia : Muhammad Mossadegh and a tragic Anglo-American coup / Christopher de Bellaigue.
956.7044 M984f Fuel on the fire : oil and politics in occupied Iraq / Greg Muttitt.
958.0429 R183jp Jihad : the rise of militant Islam in Central Asia / Ahmed Rashid.
958.1047 M575i Into the fire : a first-hand account of the most extraordinary battle in the Afghan War / Dakota Meyer and Bing West.
958.1047 W436n No way out : a story of valor in the mountains of Afghanistan / Mitch Weiss and Kevin Maurer.
972 M183s70 A short history of Mexico / [by] J. Patrick McHenry.
972.01 B456m75 Mexico before Cortez : art, history, legend / by Ignacio Bernal ; translation by Willis Barnstone ; with additional English-language material by Ignacio Bernal.
972.9407 F229h Haiti after the earthquake / Paul Farmer ; edited by Abbey Gardner and Cassia Van Der Hoof Holstein with Joia S. Mukherjee ... [et al.].
973 P39nb7 v.1 A people and a nation : a history of the United States / Mary Beth Norton... [et al.].
973 P39nb7 v.2 A people and a nation : a history of the United States / Mary Beth Norton... [et al.].
973.46 Sa34L Sally Hemings & Thomas Jefferson : history, memory, and civic culture / edited by Jan Ellen Lewis and Peter S. Onuf.
973.708 Sa744w When General Grant expelled the Jews / Jonathan D. Sarna.
973.91 Sm58w Who stole the American dream? / Hedrick Smith.
973.917 J434f FDR's Republicans : domestic political realignment and American foreign policy / Robert E. Jenner.
973.917 Si54f FDR and Chief Justice Hughes : the president, the Supreme Court, and the epic battle over the New Deal / James F. Simon.
973.93 L962t Time to start thinking : America in the age of Descent / Edward Luce.
973.932 F914t 2012 That used to be us : how America fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back / Thomas L Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum.
979.494 Ex93L Leimert park / Cynthia E. Exum and Maty Guiza-Leimert with a foreword by Walter H. Leimert, III.
980.01 C718m Colonial Spanish America : a documentary history / edited by Kenneth Mills and William B. Taylor.
B7891jba Jane Eyre / Charlotte Bronte ; with introduction and notes by Susan Ostrov Weisser ; [edited by] George Stade.
C1234p The postman always rings twice / James M. Cain.
C361bv 1992 The big sleep / Raymond Chandler.
C361p Playback / Raymond Chandler.
D362mb The fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders / by Daniel Defoe.
Es67w The word's gotten out / Willard R. Espy.
F617mb Madame Bovary / Gustave Flaubert ; translated by Lowell Bair ; edited and with an introduction by Leo Bersani.
K521fb Flowers for Algernon / by Daniel Keyes.
L5111tw To kill a mockingbird / by Harper Lee.
M362r Rita Hayworth's De soto and other stories / Jos*e L. Mart*i.
Sa74hd The human comedy / William Saroyan.
Sh44fo Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus / Mary Shelley ; edited by James Kinsley and M.K. Joseph.
St342tp Tortilla flat / John Steinbeck.
St342tp 1997 Tortilla Flat / John Steinbeck ; with an introduction by Thomas Fensch.
W1511c 2003 The color purple / Alice Walker.
W817how How right you are, Jeeves / P.G. Wodehouse.
C B644h v.2 A book of short stories.
X D555c A Christmas carol / Charles Dickens ; inside illustrations by Charles Beck..
X D912s Stranger with my face / by Lois Duncan.
X G76ws The wind in the willows / by Kenneth Grahame ; inside illustrations by Steven Smallman.
X K659b Big Red / by Jim Kjelgaard ; illustrated by Carl Pfe*uffer.
X K9595a The adventures of Tom Sawyer / by Mark Twain ; adapted by Monica Kulling.
X L955gb The giver / Lois Lowry.
X M22m More perfect than the moon / Patricia MacLachlan.
X Y78d The devil's arithmetic / by Jane Yolen.

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