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New Additions to the Collection, September 2014 - August 2015

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004 M827u11 Understanding computers : today and tomorrow / Deborah Morley, Charles S. Parker.
004.16 An26ai6 A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC / Jean Andrews.
004.165 B149m10 Macs for dummies.
005.133 C763g 2006 Guide to Oracle 10g / Rocky Conrad, Joline Morrison, Mike Morrison.l.
005.2762 C189nj 2010 New perspectives on JavaScript and AJAX : Comprehensive / Patrick Carey, Frank Canovatchel.
005.2762 M492s4 Sams teach yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache all in one / Julie C. Meloni.
005.2768 B6332mvb 2006 Murach's Visual Basic 2005 / Anne Boehm.
005.2768 M583mvb 2009 Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 for Windows, mobile, web, office and database applications : comprehensive / Gary B. Shelly, Corinne Hoisington.
005.2768 M583mvbc 2007 Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Windows, mobile, web, office and office applications : complete / Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Corinne Hoisington.
005.43 M576o 2004 Mike Meyers' A+ guide to operating systems / Michael Meyers, Scott Jernigan.
005.4469 M167t 2012 Teach yourself visually Windows 8 / Paul McFedries.
005.4469 R187w 2012 Windows 8 for dummies / Andy Rathbone.
005.4469 R894w 2012 Microsoft Windows 8 / Ciprian Adrian Rusen, Joli Ballew.
005.72 AL78a 2005 Adobe Acrobat 7 for Windows and Macintosh / Jennifer Alspach.
005.72 C189cx5 New perspectives on HTML and XHTML : comprehensive / Patrick Carey.
005.72 C189hc3 New perspectives on HTML, XHTML, and dynamic HTML: comprehensive / Patrick Carey.
005.72 D486a 2009 Acrobat 9 : for windows and macintosh / John Deubert.
005.756 B383L2 Learning SQL / Alan Beaulieu.
005.756 F775s4 Sams teach yourself SQL in 10 minutes / Ben Forta.
006.686 F862rc Real world Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS5 / Jeff Schewe, Bruce Fraser.
006.686 F862ri Real world image sharpening with Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom / Bruce Fraser, Jeff Schewe.
006.686 L513i Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements / Lisa Lee.
006.696 B377t 3d animation essentials / Andy Beane.
006.7 Sk41di Principles of Web design / Joel Sklar.
006.78 M199w Web security : for network and system administrators / David Mackey.
006.786 D535ms 2006 Macromedia Studio 8 : step-by-step : projects for Macromedia Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8 and Contribute 3 / Editor: Anuja Dhakar.
006.786 L881nf 2007 New perspectives on Macromedia Flash 8 : comprehensive / Luis A. Lopez.
025.84 M297p Preserving local writers, genealogy, photographs, newspapers, and related materials / edited by Carol Smallwood and Elaine Williams.
133.3337 C245m Move your stuff, change your life : how to use feng shui to get love, money, respect, and happiness / by Karen Rauch Carter ; illustrated by Karen Rauch Carter and Jeff Fessler.
150.72 C839m10 Methods in behavioral research / Paul C. Cozby.
152.46 AL744b Be fearless : change your life in 28 days / Jonathan Alpert and Alisa Bowman.
153 Ea36iv Incognito : the secret lives of the brain / David Eagleman.
153.4 Sh56bs The believing brain : from ghosts and gods to politics and conspiracies--how we construct beliefs and reinforce them as truths / Michael Shermer.
153.43 M341s Smart thinking : three essential keys to solve problems, innovate, and get things done / Art Markman, PhD.
153.69 L134L 2013 Why smile? : the science behind facial expressions / Marianne LaFrance.
153.733 P177f Find your focus zone : an effective new plan to defeat distraction and overload / Lucy Jo Palladino.
155.2 P541m Missing out : in praise of the unlived life / Adam Phillips.
155.4192 T375h Homesick and happy : how time away from parents can help a child grow / Michael Thompson.
155.6 J332d The defining decade : why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now / Meg Jay.
155.911 Ei82c The color answer book from the world's leading color expert : 100+ frequently asked questions for home, health and happiness / Leatrice Eiseman.
158 C761e Emotional equations : simple truths for creating happiness + success / by Chip Conley.
158.1 Ar55z Zero to breakthrough : the 7-step, battle-tested method for accomplishing goals that matter / Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour.
158.1 D364i Innovation you : four steps to becoming new and improved / Jeff DeGraff.
158.2 L578c Coaching is for everyone : learn how to be you own coach at any age / Terri Levine.
158.3 C832a3 Counseling diverse populations / [edited by] Donald R. Atkinson, Gail Hackett.
168 M289c Cooperative argumentation : a model for deliberative community / Josina M. Makau, Debian L. Marty.
174 G289g Giving voice to values : how to speak your mind when you know what's right / Mary C. Gentile.
174 Sa56w What money can't buy : the moral limits of markets / Michael J. Sandel.
177.44 Sch95p Practical wisdom : the right way to do the right thing / Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe.
179 P92bp Beautiful souls : the courage and conscience of ordinary people in estraordinary times / Eyal Press.
179.1 B791c Climate matters : ethics in a warming world / John Broome.
200 Sm582r 2008 The world's religions : our great wisdom traditions / Huston Smith.
232.964 T114j The Jesus discovery : the new archaeological find that reveals the birth of Christianity / James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici .
259.425 R631p Pastoral care for post-traumatic stress disorder : healing the shattered soul / Dalene C. Fuller Rogers.
297.12 K84c The Quran : a new translation / by Thomas Cleary.
297.87 J138i 2011 Islam and the Blackamerican : looking toward the third resurrection / Sherman A. Jackson.
301 K332s5 Sociology in our times / Diana Kendall.
302.12 Ev15r Risk intelligence : how to live with uncertainty / Dylan Evans.
302.203 W334d5 Dictionary of media and communication studies / James Watson and Anne Hill.
302.3 M699b Bargaining with the devil : when to negotiate, when to fight / Robert Mnookin.
302.34 J631r7 Reaching out : interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualization / David W. Johnson.
302.34 Sm67k3 The key to survival : interpersonal communication / Tracey L. Smith, Mary Tague-Busler.
302.35 D262b The blame game : how the hidden rules of credit and blame determine our success or failure / Ben Dattner with Darren Dahl.
303.32 IL61b I'll have what she's having : mapping social behavior / Alex Bentley, Mark Earls, and Michael J. O'Brien ; foreword by John Maeda.
303.4 Z752r Resilience : why things bounce back / Andrew Zolli & Ann Marie Healy.
303.483 W647s Society 3.0 : how technology is reshaping education, work and society / Tracey Wilen-Daugenti.
303.4833 B846w Wired for innovation : how information technology is reshaping the economy / Erik Brynjolfsson and Adam Saunders.
303.4909 G172f Future babble : why expert predictions are next to worthless, and you can do better / Dan Gardner.
303.609 J159b Bloodlust : on the roots of violence from Cain and Abel to the present / Russell Jacoby.
304.2097 St54w Still the same hawk : reflections on nature and New York / edited by John Waldman.
305.2 23 The end of the good life : how the financial crisis is creating a lost generation-- and what we can do about it / Riva Froymovitch.
305.4097 M923r The richer sex : how the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family / Liza Mundy.
305.42 R731e The end of men : and the rise of women / Hanna Rosin.
305.4201 B848f2 Feminist political theory : an introduction / Valerie Bryson ; consultant editor, Jo Campling.
305.8914 M323a American gypsy / Oksana Marafioti.
306.3 B223a Authentic TM : the politics of ambivalence in a brand culture / Sarah Banet-Weiser.
306.36 Sm61d The daddy shift : how stay-at-home dads, breadwinning moms, and shared parenting are transforming the American family / Jeremy Adam Smith.
306.47 St96p Practices of looking : an introduction to visual culture / Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright.
306.484 R737c Climbing the charts : what radio airplay tells us about the diffusion of innovation / Gabriel Rossman.
306.8509 H657o The outsourced self : intimate life in market times / Arlie Russell Hochschild.
306.874 N468u Under one roof again : all grown up and (re)learning to live together happily / Susan Newman.
307.76 M355h How cities work : suburbs, sprawl, and the roads not taken / Alex Marshall.
320.011 K954p The performance of nations / edited by Jacek Kugler and Ronald L. Tammen.
320.5209 C867p Patriot acts : what Americans must do to save the republic / Catherine Crier.
320.6097 C693a As Texas goes-- : how the Lone Star State hijacked the American agenda / Gail Collins.
320.973 B937gb5 2005 Government by the people / James MacGregor Burns ... [et al.].
323.11 M575p Pax ethnica : where and how diversity succeeds / Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac.
323.1196 W932s Sharing the prize : the economics of the civil rights revolution in the American South / Gavin Wright.
323.448 An26i I know who you are and I saw what you did : social networks and the death of privacy / Lori Andrews.
323.448 K269p Privacy / Garret Keizer.
324.973 M281n Miami and the siege of Chicago : an informal history of the Republican and Democratic conventions of 1968 / by Norman Mailer ; introduction by Frank Rich.
327.1 M296u The unfinished global revolution : the pursuit of a new international politics / Mark Malloch-Brown.
327.117 St49c Can intervention work? / Rory Stewart, Gerald Knaus.
327.5105 F912c A contest for supremacy : China, America, and the struggle for mastery in Asia / Aaron L. Friedberg.
327.7304 AL24r Reagan and Thatcher : the difficult relationship / Richard Aldous.
330.019 C838c The age of the infovore succeeding in the information economy / Tyler Cowen.
330.1 H325r The road to serfdom : text and documents / [F.A. Hayek] ; edited by Bruce Caldwell.
330.122 Ak35a Animal spirits : how human psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for global capitalism / George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller.
330.9 H363m12 The making of economic society / Robert Heilbroner and William Milberg.
330.905 B455i The intellectual origins of the global financial crisis / edited by Roger Berkowitz and Taun N. Toay.
330.905 C273h How markets fail : the logic of economic calamities / John Cassidy.
330.905 L119L Life rules : nature's blueprint for surviving economic and environmental collapse / Ellen LaConte.
330.9172 Sh23b 2013 Breakout nations : in pursuit of the next economic miracles / Ruchir Sharma.
330.973 B268b Bailout : how Washington abandoned Main Street while rescuing Wall Street / Neil Barofsky.
330.973 D34w What's the economy for, anyway? : why it's time to stop chasing growth and start pursuing happiness / John De Graaf and David K. Batker ; foreword by James Gustave Speth.
330.973 F661g 2011 The great reset : how the post-crash economy will change the way we live and work / Richard Florida.
330.973 K848c The clash of generations : saving ourselves, our kids, and our economy / Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Scott Burns.
330.973 R271b Beyond outrage : what has gone wrong with our economy and our democracy, and how to fix it / Robert B. Reich.
331.1097 Os74g Good jobs America : making work better for everyone / Paul Osterman and Beth Shulman.
331.1204 C414m Moving working families forward : third way policies that can work / Robert Cherry with Robert Lerman.
331.283 R273r Rethinking public sector compensation : what ever happened to the public interest? / Thom Reilly.
331.881 K159a All together different : Yiddish Socialists, garment workers, and the Labor roots of multiculturalism / Daniel Katz.
332.024 F247y Your money ratios : 8 simple tools for financial security at every stage of life / Charles Farrell.
332.024 P161m The money saving mom's budget / Crystal Paine.
332.024 R39p The psychology of wealth : understand your relationship with money and achieve prosperity / Charles Richards.
332.024 W528t The 10 commandments of money : survive and thrive in the new economy / Liz Weston.
332.024 W535y2 Your credit score : how to fix, improve, and protect the 3-digit number that shapes your financial future / Liz Pulliam Weston.
332.4 Su72m The man who quit money / Mark Sundeen.
332.54 H675a The art of barter : how to trade for almost anything / Karen S. Hoffman and Shera D. Dalin.
332.6097 B813b Backstage Wall Street : an insider's guide to knowing who to trust, who to run from, and how to maximize your investments / Joshua M. Brown.
332.6324 Si79ei7 Essentials of real estate investment / David Sirota.
332.6427 F535w Wall street women / Melissa S. Fisher.
332.6453 Sz59p Pricing the future : finance, physics, and the 300-year journey to the Black-Scholes equation : a story of genius and discovery / George G. Szpiro.
332.66 H65L Liquidated : an ethnography of Wall Street / Karen Ho.
332.743 UL9c Credit reporting & credit scoring / by John Ulzheimer.
333.33 H293r4 California real estate practice / Kathryn Haupt, Megan Dorsey
333.332 Sch69r5 Real estate appraisal / Joseph F. Schram, Jr.
333.75 R536m The man who planted trees : lost groves, the future of our forests, and a radical plan to save our planet / Jim Robbins.
333.79 R448t The third industrial revolution : how lateral power is transforming energy, the economy, and the world / Jeremy Rifkin.
333.79 Y44q The quest : energy, security and the remaking of the modern world / by Daniel Yergin.
333.7909 L567u Unlocking energy innovation : how America can build a low-cost, low-carbon energy system / Richard K. Lester and David M. Hart.
333.91 EL52h How local politics shape federal policy : business, power, and the environment in twentieth-century Los Angeles / Sarah S. Elkind.
333.95 En21i 2006 Endangered species : protecting biodiversity.
336.2 B927t Taxes in America : what everyone needs to know / Leonard E. Burman, Joel Slemrod.
336.73 R184p The people's money : how voters would balance the budget and eliminate the federal debt / Scott Rasmussen.
338.1 K954g The global farms race : land grabs, agricultural investment, and the scramble for food security / edited by Michael Kugelman, Susan L. Levenstein.
338.19 Ad35p Adequate food for all : culture, science, and technology of food in the 21st century / editored by, Wilson G. Pond, Buford L. Nichols, and Dan L. Brown.
338.19 B813f Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity / Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute.
338.4766 F739w Food, Inc. : how industrial food is making us sicker, fatter and poorer -- and what you can do about it / edited by Karl Weber.
338.52 B327c The cost disease : why computers get cheaper and health care doesn't / William J. Baumol ; with contributions by David de Ferranti ... [et al.].
338.542 D912n The new depression : the breakdown of the paper money economy / Richard Duncan.
338.7683 B275g Glock : the rise of America's gun / Paul M. Barrett.
338.9 Sp32n The next convergence : the future of economic growth in a multispeed world / Michael Spence.
338.927 T346i Indra's net and the Midas touch : living sustainably in a connected world / Leslie Paul Thiele.
340.028 In23k Indexing specialties : law / edited by Peter Kendrick and Enid L. Zafran.
340.071 Se27L Law school labyrinth : a guide to making the most of your legal education / Steven R. Sedberry.
342.7308 F755r Rights gone wrong : how law corrupts the struggle for equality / Richard Thompson Ford.
346.794 Sh633pri9 California real estate principles / Sherry Shinder Price.
347.7314 Y12p 2001 Pursuit of justices : presidential politics and the selection of Supreme Court nominees / David Alistair Yalof.
352.3 N478c Citizenville : how to take the town square digital and reinvent government / Gavin Newsom with Lisa Dickey.
355.0092 M911u 2010 The unforgiving minute : a soldier's education / Craig M. Mullaney.
355.0097 C66c 2012 Conquered into liberty : two centuries of battles along the great warpath that made the American way of war / Eliot A. Cohen.
355.02 K141i The insurgents : David Petraeus and the plot to change the American way of war / Fred Kaplan.
355.02 Su75ab The art of war / Sun Tzu ; translation and commentary by Lionel Giles ; introduction by Jan Willem Honig ; supplementary material by Ilmari Kaihko.
355.0209 D867w War time : an idea, its history, its consequences / Mary L. Dudziak.
355.0209 H198f The father of us all : war and history, ancient and modern / Victor Davis Hanson.
361.26 P766c The crisis caravan : what's wrong with humanitarian aid? / Linda Polman ; translated by Liz Waters.
361.7608 G233d Daughters of the declaration : how women social entrepreneurs built the American dream / Claire Gaudiani and David Graham Burnett.
362.1097 B859o3 Our unsystematic health care system / Grace Budrys.
362.196 M923ea Everything conceivable : how assisted reproduction is changing our world / Liza Mundy.
362.298 M34av An anatomy of addiction : Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the miracle drug, cocaine / Howard Markel.
362.74 R955a Almost home : helping kids move from homelessness to hope / Kevin Ryan and Tina Kelley.
362.8292 H229t Tackling domestic violence : theories, policies and practice / Lynne Harne and Jill Radford.
363.3494 Eh89f Facing the wave : a journey in the wake of the tsunami / Gretel Ehrlich.
363.46 H675i Intimate wars : the life and times of the woman who brought abortion from the back alley to the board room / Merle Hoffman.
364.1524 B865f Four days in November : the assassination of President John F. Kennedy / Vincent Bugliosi.
364.1524 G417k The Kennedy assassination--24 hours after : Lyndon B. Johnson's pivotal first day as president / Steven M. Gillon.
364.1524 M115j JFK assassination logic : how to think about claims of conspiracy / John McAdams.
364.16 W66h How they got away with it : white collar criminals and the financial meltdown / edited by Susan Will, Stephen Handelman, and David C. Brotherton.
364.168 B751a America the vulnerable : inside the new threat matrix of digital espionage, crime, and warfare / Joel Brenner.
370.113 C792t 10 things employers want you to learn in college, revised : the skills you need to succeed / Bill Coplin.
371.2009 W596b The bee eater : Michelle Rhee takes on the nation's worst school district / Richard Whitmire.
371.334 V282g Getting smart : how digital learning is changing the world / Tom Vander Ark ; foreword by Bob Wise.
372.21 C382gm The giant encyclopedia of monthly activities for children 3 to 6 : written by teachers for teachers / edited by Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy, and Charlie Clark ; illustrations by Kathi Whelan Dery.
372.4 W784r Reading without limits : teaching strategies to build independent reading for life / Maddie Witter ; foreword by Dave Levin.
372.7 C382g The giant encyclopedia of math activities for children 3 to 6 / written by teachers for teachers ; edited by Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy, and Charlie Clark.
373.0973 W125c Creating innovators : the making of young people who will change the world / Tony Wagner ; with supplementary video material by Robert A.Compton.
381.177 W584b Buy it now : lessons from eBay / Michele White.
381.3 E56c Compassion, Inc. : how corporate America blurs the line between what we buy, who we are, and those we help / Mara Einstein.
381.34 Su533g Gotcha capitalism : how hidden fees rip you off every day, and what you can do about it / Bob Sullivan.
382 Ir9p Peddling protectionism : Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression / Douglas A. Irwin.
382.0951 C696d Doing business in China for dummies / by Robert Collins and Carson Block.
394.12 M459a The American way of eating : undercover at Walmart, Applebee's, farm fields, and the dinner table / Tracie McMillan.
395.2086 P449s Steven Petrow's complete gay & lesbian manners : the definitive guide to LGBT life / with Sally Chew.
428.2 Sch11b8 Basic English review : English the easy way / Norman Schachter, Karen Schneiter Williams.
428.64 B797a2 2008|v.4 All about the USA : a cultural reader / Milada Broukal.
428.64 G621Li bk.2 Literature for English : Intermediate two/ Burton Goodman.
438.2421 K841j6 Jannach's German for reading knowledge.
500 R259f From here to infinity : a vision for the future of science / Martin Rees.
509 N554r Reinventing discovery : the new era of networked science / Michael Nielsen.
512.9 K382e3 Elemenrary algebra for college students : a worktext approach / John R. Kennedy, Terry R. Green.
512.9 Su55e Elementary algebra / Michael Sullivan III, Katherine R. Struve.
516 L852p Painless geometry / Lynette Long.
519.5 Ag82s Statistics : the art and science of learning from data / Alan Agresti, Christine A. Franklin.
519.5 T737ec10 Elementary statistics : custom edition for Los Angeles City College / Mario F. Triola.
522 Sca32c Cambridge guide to stargazing with your telescope / Robin Scagell.
523.1 P386cv Cycles of time : an extraordinary new view of the universe / Roger Penrose.
523.8 M853s Starry night companion : your guide to understanding the night sky using starry night / written by John Mosley ; edited by Mike Parkes ; foreword by Andrew L. Chaikin, acclaimed space and science author.
530.143 C624i The infinity puzzle : quantum field theory and the hunt for an orderly universe / Frank Close.
530.8 C86w World in the balance : the historic quest for an absolute system of measurement / Robert P. Crease.
539.7 AL81e2 Elements of modern X-ray physics / Jens Als-Nielsen, Des McMorrow.
540 C841bi2 Basics of introductory chemistry : an active learning approach / Mark S. Cracolice, Edward I. Peters.
551.463 C268wa The wave : in pursuit of the rogues, freaks, and giants of the ocean / Susan Casey.
551.5271 J774s Solar cataclysm : how the sun shaped the past and what we can do to save our future / Lawrence E. Joseph.
572.86 C13u3 Understanding DNA : the molecule & how it works / by C.R. Calladine, Horace R. Drew, Ben F. Luisi, Andrew A. Travers.
584.15 P687s The scent of scandal : greed, betrayal, and the world's most beautiful orchid / Craig Pittman ; foreword by Raymond Arsenault and Gary R. Mormino.
610.14 L133e7 Exploring medical language : a student-directed approach / Myrna LaFleur Brooks, Danielle LaFleur Brooks.
610.14 T848m2 Medical language : immerse yourself / Susan Turley.
610.7307 N895f3 Mosby's comprehensive review of nursing for the NCLEX-RN examination / editor, Patricia M. Nugent, associtate editors, Judith S. Green, Mary Ann Hellmer Saul; editor emerita, Phyllis K. Pelikan. 610.7307 M85s20 Fundamentals success : a Q & A review applying critical thinking to test taking / Patricia M. Nugent, Barbara A. Vitale.
610.7307 N895t6 Test success : test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students / Patricia M. Nugent, Barbara A. Vitale.
610.7362 B21c4 Clinical skills manual for pediatric nursing : caring for children / Jane W. Ball, Ruth C. Bindler.
610.7368 G68p2 Psychosocial nursing for general patient care / Linda M. Gorman, Marica L. Raines, Donna F. Sultan.
612 J635h6 Human biology : concepts and current issues / Michael D. Johnson.
613.25 V882m Men's health TNT diet : targeted nutrition tactics : the explosive new plan to blast fat, build muscle, and get healthy / Jeff Volek and Adam Campbell.
613.26 M575j Juice fasting and detoxification : use the healing power of fresh juice to feel young and look great : the fastest way to restore your health / Steve Meyerowitz ; illustrated by Michael Jon Parman.
614.563 K96r Rabies / P. Dileep Kumar.
615.8515 B851a Art therapy techniques and applications / Susan I. Buchalter.
616.0757 B964r10 Radiologic science for technologist : physics, biology, and protection / Stewart Carlyle Bushong.
616.0757 M552a12 v.1 Merrill's atlas of radiographic positioning & procedures.
616.0757 M552a12 v.3 Merrill's atlas of radiographic positioning & procedures. 616.0757 M552a12 v.2 Merrill's atlas of radiographic positioning & procedures.
616.8553 Ei26d The dyslexic advantage : unlocking the hidden potential of the dyslexic brain / Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide.
616.890231 An86pc Psychiatric nursing clinical companion / Deborah Antai-Otong.
616.890231 V422m4 Manual of psychiatric nursing care planning : assessment guides, diagnoses, psychopharmacology / Elizabeth M. Varcarolis.
618.178 M288b Be fruitful : the essential guide to maximizing fertility and giving birth to a healthy child / Victoria Maizes, MD ; foreword by Andrew Weil,MD.
620.0042 H17am AutoCAD 2011 3D modeling essentials / Munir M. Hamad.
620.0042 H17am DVD AutoCAD 2011 3D modeling essentials / Munir M. Hamad.
629.409 T988s Space chronicles : facing the ultimate frontier / Neil deGrasse Tyson ; edited by Avis Lang.
631.5 Ow3s Sustainable agriculture / Lisa Owings.
635.0499 Or85m Ortho's home gardener's problem solver / [editor, Michael McKinley].
635.642 Es81t 2012 Tomatoland : how modern industrial agriculture destroyed our most alluring fruit / Barry Estabrook.
635.9772 N784c The complete practical encyclopedia of bonsai : the essential step-by-step guide to creating, growing and displaying bonsai with over 800 photographs / Ken Norman ; photography by Neil Sutherland.
636.7 B644w Willing dogs & reluctant masters : on friendship and dogs / Gary Borjesson.
639.9 St71u Underwater Eden : saving the last coral wilderness on earth / edited by Gregory S. Stone & David Obura.
640.286 J63z Zero waste home : the ultimate guide to simplifying your life and reducing your waste / Bea Johnson.
641.22 K683wb The wild vine : a forgotten grape and the untold story of American wine / Todd Kliman.
641.5635 F955e Eat to live : the revolutionary formula for fast and sustained weight loss / Joel Fuhrman ; with a foreword by Mehmet Oz.
646.7 M471t The 10 habits of happy mothers : reclaiming our passion, purpose, and sanity / Meg Meeker.
647.95 C764t Terence Conran on restaurants / Terence Conran.
650.01 SL15pbb8 Business math handbook and study guide to accompany Practical business math procedures : Eighth edition / Jeffrey Slater.
650.076 M314c4 Critical reasoning : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314e4 Equations, inequalities, & vic's : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314f4 Fractions, decimals, & percents : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314g4 Geometry : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314n4 Number properties : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314r4 Reading comprehension : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314s4 Sentence correction : GMAT strategy guide.
650.076 M314w4 Word translations : GMAT strategy guide.
650.1 B283t The 10 laws of enduring success / Maria Bartiromo with Catherine Whitney.
650.1 R56d Don't miss your life : find more joy and fulfillment now / Joe Robinson.
650.1 T674e Earn what you're really worth : maximize your income at any time in any market / Brian Tracy.
650.1092 T229g Golden opportunity : remarkable careers that began at McDonald's / Cody Teers.
650.13 C622r Resolving conflicts at work : eight strategies for everyone on the job / Kenneth Cloke, Joan Goldsmith ; foreword by Warren Bennis.
650.13 M833d The dysfunctional workplace : from chaos to collaboration : a guide to keeping sane on the job / Peter Morris ; introduction by Peter Laufer.
650.13 N228L 2011 Louder than words : take your career from average to exceptional with the hidden power of nonverbal intelligence / Joe Navarro with Toni Sciarra Poynter.
650.13 Sp28i It's not just who you know : transform your life (and your organization) by turning colleagues and contacts into lasting, genuine relationships / Tommy Spaulding.
650.14 F497r Rebound : a proven plan for starting over after job loss / Martha I. Finney.
650.14 J637f Fired to hired : bouncing back from job loss to get to work right now / Tory Johnson.
650.14 M613n No more Mondays : fire yourself--and other revolutionary ways to discover your true calling at work / Dan Miller.
657.044 K548f 2006 Fundamentals of intermediate accounting / Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield.
658.04 Ec57f The family council handbook : how to create, run and maintain a successful family business council / Christopher J. Eckrich and Stephen L. McClure.
658.314 M359m Motivating the "what's in it for me?" workforce : manage across the generational divide and increase profits / Cam Marston.
658.4022 K159o Opening doors to teamwork and collaboration : 4 keys that change everything / Judith H. Katz, and Frederick A. Miller ; foreword by Willie Deese.
658.4035 P741n The next boom : what you absolutely, positively have to know about the world between now and 2025 / Jack W. Plunkett.
658.404 B177c The complete idiot's guide to project management / by Sunny and Kim Baker.
658.404 P837p Project management for dummies / by Stanley E. Portny.
658.406 B592w Who killed change? : solving the mystery of leading people through change / Ken Blanchard... [et al.].
658.408 C86s Creating good work : the world's leading social entrepreneurs show how to build a healthy economy / edited by Ron Schultz ; foreword by Cheryl L. Dorsey.
658.409 SL13b Bury my heart at conference room B : the unbeatable impact of truly committed managers / Stan Slap.
658.4092 N856t Taking people with you : the only way to make big things happen / David Novak.
658.4092 P437t Too many bosses, too few leaders : the three essential principles you need to become an extraordinary leader / Rajeev Peshawaria.
658.421 Ia6n Never bet the farm : how entrepreneurs take risks, make decisions-- and how you can, too / Anthony L. Iaquinto, Stephen Spinelli Jr.
658.8342 Sch56h Happy customers everywhere : how your business can profit from the insights of positive psychology / Bernd Schmitt with Glenn Van Zutphen.
658.8342 Se17i The intention economy : when customers take charge / Doc Searls.
658.8343 L645b Brandwashed : tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and persuade us to buy / Martin Lindstrom.
686.2255 P146p5 Proofreading & editing precision.
701.8 AL14i 2006 Interaction of color / Josef Albers
701.85 K838c Color in three-dimensional design / Jeanne Kopacz.
720.103 P871c The power of pro bono : 40 stories about design for the public good by architects and their clients / edited by John Cary and Public Architecture ; foreword by Majora Carter.
720.9747 Z645n New York landmarks : a collection of architecture and historical details / photography & text by Charles J. Ziga.
725.71 P348c Cafe design / Martin M. Pegler.
726.6094 K586bp Brunelleschi's dome : how a Renaissance genius reinvented architecture / Ross King.
736.982 Sh63o Origami : the art & fun of Japanese paper folding / Fumiaki Shingu.
745.593 N356d Digital scrapbooking : using your computer to create exciting scrapbook pages / Maria Given Nerius.
775 Sa19d2 Digital photography quicksteps / Doug Sahlin.
777.55 B581f 50 fast digital video techniques / Bonnie Blake and Doug Sahlin.
791.4309 Sp23s Shoot it! : Hollywood Inc. and the rise of independent film / David Spaner.
791.4372 G767b Badlands : an original screenplay / by Steven Grant.
794.8 B543ev Extra lives : why video games matter / Tom Bissell.
794.8 M459r 2011 Reality is broken : why games make us better and how they can change the world / Jane McGonigal.
796.3236 Y21b Brave Dragons : a Chinese basketball team, an American coach, and two cultures clashing / Jim Yardley ; [map by Steven Shukow].
808.0427 Am35j American dreams / [edited by] Larry R. Juchartz, Elizabeth A. Stolarek, Christy Rishoi.
808.0427 An63ra5 Real writing with readings : paragraphs and essays for college, work, and everyday life / Susan Anker.
808.0427 C889at7 The aims of argument : a text and reader / Timothy W. Crusius, Carolyn E. Channell.
808.066 B685s The secrets to writing great comedy / Lesley Bown.
808.066 K135h How to write television news / by Garth Kant.
808.1 P428s11 Perrine's sound and sense : an introduction to poetry / Thomas R. Arp, Greg Johnson.
808.5 B682v Voice power / Evelyn Bowling and Donald Bowling.
808.7 H367c2 Comedy writing secrets : the best-selling book on how to think funny, write funny, act funny, and get paid for it / Mel Helitzer with Mark Shatz.
808.83 St74cc6 The story and its writer : an introduction to short fiction / [edited by] Ann Charters.
809.8928 G154e Encountering children's literature : an arts approach / Jane M. Gangi ; with a foreword by Joseph Bruchac.
818.6 Sh612f Fakes : an anthology of pseudo-interviews, faux-lectures, quasi-letters, "found" texts, and other fraudulent artifacts / edited by David Shields and Matthew Vollmer.
818.602 M225f Freedom is blogging in your underwear / Hugh MacLeod.
822 W644ihd An ideal husband / Oscar Wilde.
822.3 Ot3ma Othello / William Shakespeare ; advisory editors, David Bevington, Barbara Gaines, and Peter Holland.
822.3 Ot3ma AUDIO-CD Othello / William Shakespeare ; advisory editors, David Bevington, Barbara Gaines, and Peter Holland.
917.9493 R563t Trails of the Angeles : 100 hikes in the San Gabriels / John W. Robinson.
917.9493 Sch12o 101 hikes in Southern California : exploring mountains, seashore, and desert / Jerry Schad.
921 EL484m The real Elizabeth : an intimate portrait of Queen Elizabeth II / Andrew Marr.
921 EL484s Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch / Sally Bedell Smith.
921 F542b The murder of Jim Fisk for the love of Josie Mansfield : a tragedy of the Gilded Age / H.W. Brands.
921 G1515L Great soul : Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India / Joseph Lelyveld.
921 G822w The richest woman in America : Hetty Green in the gilded age / Janet Wallach.
921 M432s Stalin's children : three generations of love, war and survival / Owen Matthews.
921 Q42q Lots of candles, plenty of cake / Anna Quindlen.
921 R677moc 2011Colonel Roosevelt / Edmund Morris.
921 So68s True strength : my journey from Hercules to mere mortal and how nearly dying saved my life / Kevin Sorbo.
921 T2724m Teresa of Avila : the progress of a soul / Cathleen Medwick.
940.53 IL69a An illustrated history of World War II : crisis and courage : humanity on the brink / [writing by Harris Andrews ... et al.] ; foreword by Bob Dole.
940.5318 Ac57z The zookeeper's wife / Diane Ackerman.
940.5345 Ed75s Saving Italy : the race to rescue a nation's treasures from the Nazis / Robert M. Edsel.
954.9105 Sch54u The unraveling : Pakistan in the age of Jihad / John R. Schmidt.
956.054 L991a 2013The Arab uprising : the unfinished revolutions of the new Middle East / Marc Lynch.
956.054 St47c Challenges to peace in the Middle East / Dennis G. Stevens.
956.7044 L978s Service : a Navy SEAL at war / Marcus Luttrell ; with James D. Hornfischer.
963.5072 F329n No one's son / Tewodros Fekadu.
973.73 C155c Civil War battlefields then & now / James Campi.
973.917 F73n New Deal or raw deal? : how FDR's economic legacy has damaged America / Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
973.917 K159f Fear itself : the New Deal and the origins of our time / Ira Katznelson.
973.926 M436w "What the heck are you up to, Mr. President?" : Jimmy Carter, America's "malaise," and the speech that should have changed the country / Kevin Mattson.
973.932 W151p The preacher and the politician : Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and race in America / Clarence E. Walker and Gregory D. Smithers.
975.26 M787o The other Wes Moore : one name, two fates / Wes Moore.
976.3 M235L Louisiana rambles : exploring America's Cajun and Creole heartland / Ian McNulty.
979.4 C423c Competing visions : a history of California / Robert W. Cherny, Richard Griswold del Castillo, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo.
980.03 B734L 2012 Latin America's Cold War / Hal Brands.
Ad171hd The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy / Douglas Adams.
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C551c 2001 Childhood's end / Arthur C. Clarke ; [with a new introduction by the author].
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T551bp The barbarian nurseries / Hector Tobar.
W582j Jack Holmes and his friend : a novel / Edmund White.
X P967gL The golden compass / Philip Pullman.
R 297.1226 M562a 2003 The message of the Qur'an : the full account of the revealed Arabic textaccompanied by parallel transliteration / translated and explained by Muhammad Asad.
R 333.95 En21i 2010 Endangered species : protecting biodiversity.
R 333.95 En21i 2013 Endangered species : protecting biodiversity.
R 342.73 Im6bp 2013 Bender's Immigration and Nationality Act pamphlet / Publisher's editorial staff.
R 346.0166 Sh55h36 How to do your own divorce in California in 2013: and through February 2014 : an essential guide for every kind of divorce / Ed Sherman.
R 346.7308 C69cpp 2013 Collier portable pamphlet : full text of the Bankruptcy Code and rules : including rule amendments effective December 1, 2012 : selected provisions of the Judicial Code and related statues : full text of the Federal rules of evidence.
R 347.7305 C1288rcfb v.2A 2013 California rules of court. Federal bankruptcy courts
R 616.890231 Sch82L7 Lippincott's manual of psychiatric nursing care plans / Judith M. Schultz, Sheila L. Videbeck.
R 808.042 F829L11 The Little, Brown handbook / H. Ramsey Fowler, Jane E. Aaron.
R 808.042 So68w5 Webster's New World student writing handbook / by Sharon Sorenson.

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