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Information Technology:  Table of Contents

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A.  Information Technology Forms:

1.      DEC Online Access Authorization Form

2.      SAP User Authorization Request Form

3.      Network Access Request for Personal Computer Form

4.      Request for Employee Network/E-Mail Account Form

5.      Request for Alarm Code Form

6.      Reprographics Cub Card Recharge Form

B.  Sample Forms & Instructions:

1.1     Sample DEC Online Authorization Form

1.2     Sample DEC Online Authorization Form Cont'd.

2.1        SAP User Authorization Request Form - Instructions

2.2        Sample  SAP User Authorization  Form Request

3.1        Request  for Internet Access in Labs, Classrooms, or Offices for Faculty; Personal Laptop Form - Instructions

3.2        Sample Request for Internet Access in Labs, Classrooms or Offices for Faculty & Personal Laptop

4.1        Request for Employee Network/Email Account (Voicemail and Telephone) - Instructions

4.2        Sample Request for Internet Access in Labs, Classrooms or Offices for Faculty & Personal Laptop

5.1        Request for Alarm Code Form - Instructions

5.2        Sample Request for Alarm Code Form

6.1        Reprographics Cub Card Recharge Form - Instructions

6.2        Sample Reprographics Cub Card Recharge Form

C.  Request for Information Technology Services:

1.       How Do I Request DEC (SIS) Access?

2.       How Do I Request or Obtain SAP User Authorization?

3.       How Do I Request a College Wireless Account?

4.       How Do I Request or Obtain Network Access, E-mail Login ID/Password, and Phone Extension?

5.       How Do I Request or Obtain an Alarm System or Code?

6.       How Do I Recharge a Reprographics Cub Card?

7.       How Do I Obtain my College Employee Identification Card (Cub Card)?

8.       How Do I or Obtain Assistance from the Instructional Media Center?

9.       How Do I Request or Obtain the Districtís and other Software Applications Training?

10.   How Do I Request or Obtain Business Warehouse (BW) Access?

11.   How Do I Request Telephone or Voice Mailbox for Employees?

12.   How Do I Request an Extension for my Department (Not Individual Employee)?

D.  Information Technology Equipment Procedures:

1.      How Do I Purchase Information Technology Equipment?

2.      How Do I Receive Information Technology Equipment & Software?

3.      How Do I Borrow Information Technology Equipment?

4.      How Do Report Lost or Stolen Information Technology Asset or Equipment?

5.      How Do I Request a Transfer of Information Technology Equipment?

E.  Miscellaneous Information Technology STAFF Services:

1.      How Do I Find Another College or the District Office Telephone Number, Address, and Link to its Website?

2.      How Do I Find Press Releases or Other Information from the LACC Presidentís website?

3.      How Do I Use the College E-Mail System from my Home Computer or Any Other Computer not within the College Network?

4.      How Do I Find the College Emergency Procedures on the College Website?

5.      How Do I Find LACC Employee Telephone Extension, E-Mail Address or Office Location from the LACC Website?

6.      How Do I Send or Receive a Fax?

F.  Information Technology Department Support Services to Faculty and Students:

1.      How Do I Obtain E-mail or Network Account and Password as a Student?

2.      How Do I Obtain E-mail or Network Account and Password as an Instructor?

3.      How Do I View my Class Roster Online?

4.      How Do I Assign Grades to my Students by Using the College or Districtís Website?

5.      How Do I Exclude Students From my Class?

6.      How Do I Request a Space on the College Website?

7.      How Do I Request the Use of College Software?

G.  Information Technology DEPARTMENT COMPUTER usage policies:

1.      How Do I Know the Administrator Responsible for the Enforcing of Computer, Network and E-mail Policies at the College?

2.      How Do I Know the Policies Regarding the Userís Responsibilities in Using the College Computers or Network System?

3.      How Do I Know the College Communication and Privacy Policies?

4.      How Do I Know What Conducts Violate the College Computer Usage Policies and Are Prohibited by the College?

5.      How Do I Know the College Requirements for Protecting my Password?

H.  Information Technology DEPARTMENT NETWORK Security Policies:

1.      How Do I Know the Objectives of the College Network Security Policy? 

2.      How Do I Know the Personnel Responsible for the College/District Network?  

3.      How Do I Know Who Manages the College Network?

4.      How Do I Obtain Network Information From the College?  

5.      How Do I Know if the College Network System is Protected From Viruses?  

6.      How Do I Know if I can Access the Network Remotely?

7.      How Do I Know If I can Access Other Internet Based Sites from the College Network Computers?  

8.      How Do I Know the Policy for Encrypting Files?

9.      How Do I Know Who to Direct my Queries to Regarding Information Technology Concerns and Policies?


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