The Presidential Inauguration of

Dr. Steve Maradian

President, Los Angeles City College

Inauguration Photos

Unusually bright, warm weather set the back drop for the presidential inauguration of Dr. Steve Maradian on Thursday, December 1, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. The event was held in the gallery of the LACC Communications Building. In addition to speakers representing the community; the District; and LACC students, staff and faculty; there were performances by LACC dance students, a community organization, and an LACC vocalist. Following the ceremony was an outdoor reception with light refreshments and selections played by LACC guitar students. Nearly 300 guests were in attendance.

Dr. Maradian with Mayor Abbe Land and Assemblymember Paul Koretz Dr. Maradian with Ms. Kalustian Dr. Maradian with Chancellor Young

ABOVE: Dr. Maradian is presented with commendations from Abbe Land, Mayor of West Hollywood, with Paul Koretz, California Assemblymember (left); from Lisa Kalustian, Chief Deputy Director of the LA Office of Gov. Schwarzenegger (center); and LACCD Chancellor Rocky Young presents presidential medallion (right).


BELOW: Performing members of the Filipino American Service Group Inc (left);
Student vocalist Pru Renfro (right); and 5 of the LACCD Presidents, with Chancellor Young (center)

Student Dancers

Five LACCD College Presidents with Chancellor Young

Student vocalist Pru Renfro


 Dr. Maradian thanks ASO Representatives for participation.     Student dancers after multi-cultural performance.

Dr. Maridian thanks ASO participants

Student Dancers pose for a picture after the event

Gallery photo

In the gallery

Audience photo

Sylvia Scott-Hayes

Vicky Chann

Tom LaBonge

From the gallery and upper level, attendees listened to the remarks of student, staff, faculty and District representatives; local political leaders; and community and student performers. Pictured: Sylvia Scott-Hayes, LACCD Board of Trustee president (left); Vicky Chann, LACC Staff Member (center); Tom LaBonge, LA City Councilmember & LACC Alumnus (right).


Guests enjoy the reception

Dr. Maradian greets participants
reception photo reception photo reception photo reception photo

Guests enjoyed an outdoor reception with dessert bar,
beverages, and guitar selections by LACC music students. 


Special Thanks! to all of the community members, students, staff, faculty, administrators and
others who made the event a success through their attendance and/or volunteer work.


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