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News                 For Immediate Release:   April 9, 2008

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Maestro John Williams
Visits Alma Mater – LACC

Photo:  John Williams Photo:  John Williams visits LACC

Photo Credit: Karen Oswald


Stellar LACC Alumnus John Williams paid a special visit to the campus of Los Angeles City College (LACC) on April 2nd as part of the LACC Composers’ Club Concert series.  The Music Department and the LACC Foundation sponsored the invitation only “Friendraiser,” where, per Williams’ request, a limited number of music students, emeriti, alumni, board members and guests were treated to a Q&A session with the maestro before enjoying the student composers’ concert. 

His words inspired many students, as he explained how after first composing music at North Hollywood High School, he left UCLA to come to LACC’s music department because we had a jazz stage band.

            “The instructors were fantastic,” he said of LACCs music and history department faculty.  “They really turned me on.”

            Williams only attended one semester at LACC before he was drafted, but chose to go into the Air Force during the Korean War.  He played in the Air Force band and scored his first movie there.  After the war, he played contract orchestra for Colombia Pictures and scored commercials, bad films and television shows for 20 years before an auspicious lunch meeting with Steven Spielberg, who was working on “Sugarland Express,” the film that proceeded “Jaws” and its famous music score.

            Williams admitted that in the 20 years preceding that lunch, he was discouraged many times.  He told LACC musicians to “be prepared for a tough, long grind...and don’t give up!”

            Know other stellar LACC alums? Call the Foundation at 323.953.4000 ext. 2081.

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