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Information Bulletin
August 22, 2011



Dear Student,

As we approach the start of the Fall Semester, we want to remind you of ONE TASK you must complete before you can receive any federal and/or state financial aid.

To be eligible for federal/state grants, loans or work-study funds, you must be enrolled in an eligible degree, certificate or transfer program. Based upon information available in the Student Information System (obtained from your Admissions application, academic counselor updates, or your own updating of your status through the system’s “Online Forms”), it may be determined that you are not in an eligible program. If this is the case, you will not receive any disbursements of financial aid UNLESS YOU UPDATE YOUR GOAL NOW.

To update your goal, following the instructions below:

1. Logon to the SIS system at https://eweb2.laccd.edu/WebStudent/signon.asp, sign on and go to "Online Forms."
2. Choose Los Angeles City College in the College drop down section.
3. Complete the EDUCATIONAL GOAL page by choosing the most appropriate goal that represents your academic plan at Los Angeles City College.
4. While you are in the Online Forms section, if you have not updated your AUTHORIZATION FOR CHARGES selection, DO THIS NOW.

If you are having difficulty completing the online forms you may go to http://bit.ly/edgoalupdate for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Educational Goal online form. For help completing the Authorization of Charges section, check out http://bit.ly/StuAuth.

Failure to complete these online forms WILL DELAY your disbursement of financial aid funds. Do this immediately.


Financial Aid Office Staff


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