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Construction Bulletin
November 30, 2012
Campus Construction Page

The Athletic Track Repair is underway with Master’s Contracting Corp as of November 12, 2012. The demolition of the unacceptable portions of the topping slab is underway. We anticipate having the track completed in the Spring of 2012.

The Clausen Hall Modernization Project is approximately 33% complete with construction by Summit Builders. The project has numerous Field Change Directives from the Division of the State Architect that has put the project behind schedule. The current forecast completion date is June 2013.

The Health Fitness, PE Building Project is approximately 70% complete with construction being done by Woodcliff Corporation. The current schedule for completion on the project is Spring 2012.

The Student Services Building and Holmes Hall Projects were recently changed from a low bid delivery method to a modified design build project. Theses two projects are bundled together due to the tight confines of the area they are located in, so one contractor will take up less space than two, and inconvenience the campus to a lesser degree. These two projects are in the design build selection process, six firms have responded to an initial request for proposal to solicit interest and they will be short-listed to three firms in early December. The three short-listed firms will them enter into a selection process with the plan to have the selected contractor on board by March of

The Physical Plant and Tennis Courts Projects have completed the design build selection process and the selected contractor’s contract will be on the December board of trustees’ agenda for approval. Upon approval by the board, the design build team will begin the completion of the design process.

The Learning Support Center Project has had the program and criteria documents completed as of November 2012. This will allow us to begin the next phase of selecting the design build contracting team. The short-listing of potential firms should begin in December 2012 with the goal to select a final design build team in late Spring 2013. Then the design will be able to be completed and submitted to DSA prior to construction.

Currently theSouth Gym Project and the DaVinci Hall Project have been submitted to the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for approval of plans and specifications. Upon approval from DSA, the South Gym will begin construction, while DaVinci Hall will have to wait until the completion of Holmes Hall for swing space purposes.

The Vermont Street (Redline) Improvement Project is currently with the City of Los Angeles for approval. It is anticipated that this project will be approved and will be able to start construction in the Spring of 2013.

The Campus Wide Accessibility Improvement Project is currently being designed by HY Architecture and is approximately 90% complete. The plans have been separated into two packages, one to be constructed in the Summer of 2013 and the other to be constructed in the Summer of 2014, in order to minimize the impact on the campus.

The Central Plant Phase 2 Project has had a Programming / Criteria Architect selected and is on the December board of trustees’ agenda for approval. Upon approval by the board, the selected firm will begin the development of the criteria documents for the design build contractor. The Cesar Chavez - Admin. Building Modernization Project has had the architect selection process completed and will be on the December board of trustees’ agenda for approval. Upon approval by the board, the design of the administration building will begin.

The Campus Wide Landscape Plan Project design is essentially complete, however, have not been submitted to DSA as of yet. Since the landscape will be the final project done on campus, turning them into DSA now will only result in submitting extensions with DSA until construction is
scheduled to begin.

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