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News Release
October 29, 2009

Journalism Association of Community Colleges
Honors Collegian Staff With Eight Awards

The results for the 2009 Journalism Association of Community Colleges Regional Competition last weekend show students from Los Angeles City College earned eight awards.
Judges awarded the Collegian a "General Excellence Award," in the "Mail-in Category," a staff honor for content, coverage, timeliness and scope of sources, among other criteria.

Judges also recognized three City College students with individual honors including former Editor In Chief, Theresa Adams, with a "General Excellence Award for Enterprise or Series Reporting" for her stories last year that followed former LACC instructor Ronald Berg through the courts. Adams is heading to UCLA next fall. Collegian reporter,  Mars Melnicoff also received a "General Excellence Award" for her investigative piece, "Paper Trail May Cause Problems for Men's Basketball."  

Former Collegian reporter Jamie Hong added to her Los Angeles Press Club award of last spring, for "Newspapers Tell Tale of Three Cities," when JACC honored her reporting last weekend with a fourth place award for feature writing in the Southern California region. Hong has transferred to Hofstra University where she is majoring in journalism.

LACC Book Program selection, "The Soloist," was the inspiration for a wiining design by illustrator and cartoonist, Lilit Ashtemyan, who won second place in the region with an award for "Line Illustration," to accompany a news article. The award recognizes artwork used in lieu of photographs to enhance news.

A fourth place Design award went to Beatrice Alcala for her inside layout in the Collegian, which visually documented the travels of Collegian reporter Daniel Oh through West Africa.

Advertising design remains a strength for the student newspaper, with Tercius Bufete, Jesse Gant, Abimael Rivera, Jessica Rivera, Jordan Angulo and Salvador Chavez winning third place in the "Student Advertisement" category for their campaign "Get a Hold of Your News, Grab a Collegian." The team also won an Honorable Mention in the same category for their advertisement "Collegian, Community College Watchdog Since 1929."

LACC students did not attend the Convention in Fullerton last weekend, so they did not participate in the "On the Spot Competitions." However, L.A. Valley, Pierce, East Los Angeles College and Harbor all attended and competed.



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