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He Starts His Own Business after Learning Computer Skills at LA City CollegeóRecruiting His Classmates for Staff

Photo:  Billy Hernandez (right) returns to LACC to visit with his computer professor Luis Flores (left).

Billy Hernandez (right) returns to LACC to visit with his computer professor Luis Flores (left).

Entrepreneurship Runs in His Family

The entrepreneurial spirit runs in Billy Hernandez's family.  After all, one of his brothers runs a car dealership, another a waterproofing business.  So it is no surprise that Mr. Hernandez would also start up a business of his own.

In his case, the 26-year-old LA City College graduate recently started a company specializing in computer and network maintenance, custom built computers, web development, and graphics.  Called "Computacion Para Ti," the Burbank-based business works with many Spanish-speaking clients.

"I've learned that businesses in the Hispanic community are not as computer savvy as they could be, and a lot of their networks need to be updated," he said.  Being bilingual helps him bridge the gap and provide resources for this market, he noted.

He credits LA City College for providing him with the skills needed to start his business.  He  attended the college from 1999 to 2003, and graduated with a liberal arts degree, majoring in computer science and technology.

He especially thanks his computer networking instructor Luis Flores for teaching him how to program routers for the internet.  In the teacher's Cisco Academy classes he learned techniques in cable, DSL and network administration used by major companies.

Mr. Hernandez attended Marshall High School.  He was born in El Salvador, the youngest of six siblings and came to the U.S. at the age of eight.   He decided to go to LACC, he said, because of its low tuition and it was close to his home.  At LACC he took classes in computer science, E-commerce, macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash design, dynamic web page design and layout as well as computer operation systems and languages such as Java, C and C++.

His career took off last year when he went to Honduras to work on a large-scale project covering networking. 

He has been diligent in marketing his new business. "We started off by getting some air time on the local 830 AM radio, talking about computer tech. support and computer sales.  From that show we started getting business and we have been working ever since." 

He has a staff of five and three of them are fellow LACC graduates, he said:  "Caesar came from the Cisco and flash classes, Joe from the Cisco class, and Marianne from Dreamweaver classes."

"I would definitely recommend LACC for anyone wanting to learn computer science and electronics.  They have a great program. I learned everything I know in the field at the college."



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