November 15, 2012
Greetings All!

The passage of Proposition 30 allowed us to add 115 classes back into the spring schedule and restore sorely needed access to our students. In addition, with the passage of Prop 30, there is a strong likelihood that we will have a significant Summer 2013 intersession.

With that said, other than the year round allied health programs, we will not be offering a Winter 2013 intersession.

Many thank
s goes to the Enrollment Management Committee, Department Chairs, many other faculty, staff, and administrators who have worked so diligently and faithfully over the Fall 2012 term. We have ridden the waves of highs and lows in trying to deal with the enrollment management challenges depending on whether Prop 30 did not pass (Plan A—worst case) or did pass (Plan B—best case).

At the same time we were dealing with Prop 30, we also faced the challenge of dealing with the lowest section size in the district with one of the highest instructional hourly budgets. We believe, pulling together, we have addressed this issue and hope to see significant improvement in the upcoming Spring term.

Finally, I want to remind you of the college wide Town Hall Meeting to be held in the Camino Theatre from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm this coming Monday, November 19th. This session is an effort to communicate transparently with all of you and to discuss the events of this semester in regards to enrollment management, budget challenges, and what it means to the college and students now that Prop 30 has passed. There will also be time for questions and answers.

Thank you again for the time and hard work that you put into this college and the lives of Los Angeles City College’s students!

Reneé D. Martinez
Interim President
Los Angeles City College