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2008-2009 Marketing Plan [Powerpoint File - New Window]

Spring '09 Ad Campaigns
:  [PDF Files - New Window]

Larchmont Spring Ad     LACC World Ad     LACC Spring Ad

Spring '09 Media Ads:  [MP3 Files]   15 Sec Ad   30 Sec Ad   30 Sec Ad 2

Cable TV Ad 
[MPG File]


See past advertising

  What do we do?
The advertising & public relations team handles the generation and printing of most of LACC's major documents including the class schedule, catalog, student handbooks, strategic plan and more.
Additionally, they create create and implement the campus advertising program for each academic year and monitor the look and content of the LACC web site along with TSS & TLC staffers.
  How we can help?
Particularly during non-peak periods in the publication cycles, the marketing communications team is available
to assist individual departments with their flyers, brochures, and other marketing efforts.
  How does LACC promote itself?
The promotions mix varies depending on the goals of the college for any particular year. It may include direct
mail, radio, cable, newspaper, billboards, etc.
   Previous Ad Campaigns:

Fall '08 Ad Campaigns:  [PDF Files - New Window]
Interior Card Ad
       LA Times Ad       Summer/Fall Ad      Park La Brea Fall Ad
HOT 92.3 Script:   PDF   Word      MTA Red Line Campaign:  Photographs


Click Here For Fall 06 LACC Campaign & print ad samples

LACC's campaign put more emphasis on the 25+ year old student than usual since the District was running a campaign targeting traditional age students.

CABLE Ads:  Career Training     Transfer      (older target)             10sec Tag (18 - 30ish age target)

RADIO Ads:   KJLH1    KJLH2 (older student & parent targeted)     Latino 96.3    (supports District Campaign)     

The District Campaign

18-25 year olds were targeted using the tag "Don't Let Your Present Be Your Future." Ad venues included: LA Weekly; CityBeat; Mailings to Recent High School Grads and Past LACCD Students Not Yet Enrolled; My Space; Low Rider;; MTA TV; Street Teams and Cable.

CABLE Ad: (representative of what ran for LACC)        PRINT Ads


Click Here for Sum 06 Campaign & print ad samples

CABLE:  Spend Your Summer at City      Dental Tech Ad  RADIO:   Spend Your Summer at City

Cable and radio targeted at traditional age student.

Other advertising targeted traditional, older and university students.


     Adl Summer Campaign - SUMMER BRIDGE:   RADIO 10 sec Ad:  Vers A         Vers B  

     CABLE:                   Comcast - 2 weeks

     ASABAREZ             5 ads in May     KOREA TIMES        3 ads in May

     Also occurred... recruiting at feeder high schools, LACCD mailer to HS seniors, LACC home page feature.


Click Here for Spr 06 Campaign & print ad samples

CABLE Ad1:  Older Student Target    Note - ad piggybacked on LACCD campaign  

CABLE Ad2:  Traditional age student ad    is same as Fall 05 with update text in last frame

Click Here for Win 06 Campaign & print ad samples

CABLE:  "8 Days or 5 Weeks" (Win 06)     RADIO Ads:  KROQ  


Click Here for Fall 05 Campaign & print ad samples

CABLE Ads:  "Will you be next?" (Sum 05)     "The Right Time"     (Fall 05)

RADIO Ads:    POWER/KROQ/BEAT (student targeted)             KNX  (parent targeted)


Summer 05 radio ads  Power106 (student targeted)  KJLH (parent targeted)


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