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Enrollment Management - The Team


Los Angeles City College

Enrollment Management Team


To provide timely information that is in useful formats to decision-makers regarding enrollment and class offerings by answering these questions:

  • Who needs to know?
  • What do they need to know?
  • When do they need to know it?

EMT supports enrollment-related questions:

  • What classes to add
  • What classes to cancel
  • Enrollment targets
  • Trouble-shooting and problem solving


What it is

EMT is an inter-departmental, cross-silo workgroup chaired by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  The membership includes Deans of Academic Affairs, Admissions, EOP&S, Research, Counseling, and several department chair representatives including the Chair of the Department Chairs Caucus.  Meetings are open to others who are interested in attending.


EMT meets weekly beginning several weeks before each term begins, and continues to meet weekly until after census.  When EMT was first developing, the group met daily during the week prior to and the two weeks after the beginning of a term, but later decided that weekly meetings were sufficient.


Together, the group decided what information is needed by academic deans and department chairs to decide which sections should be cancelled, and where sections needed to be added.  Based on this analysis, three primary reports were designed for use at each meeting, and to be shared with all department chairs.  The reports remain flexible, and as new information needs are discovered, the reports are modified.


The reports

  1. Headcount Comparison – This report provides a comparison of the number of students enrolled at the same relative day in the prior like term.  In addition to total headcount, comparisons are provided for unit load, units completed, status (new, continuing), day/evening, gender, high school, age groups and residence codes.
  2. Enrollment and Section Count Comparison – This report compares enrollment and section count at the same relative day in the prior like term by department.
  3. Section Listing by Accounting Method – This report provides detail information about sections, including scheduling data, enrollment and related data, data related to attendance accounting, FTEF and FTES.



EMT breaks down the ‘silo.’  Many problems involve procedures that cross Academic Affairs-Student Services lines.  EMT is a major forum where people from both areas sit down together to work out problems.


Reports are designed to facilitate trouble-shooting and problem solving.  By asking the right questions, we find out where the glitches are in the enrollment and attendance accounting processes.  Then, the right people are in the room to develop and implement a solution.  Examples of some of the areas where support has been provided include:

  • Coding of positive attendance sections
  • Input of positive attendance hours
  • Scheduling of sections (start and stop times)
  • Scheduling of summer sessions
  • Calling wait list students when new sections are opened
  • Discuss how to promote programs (mailing post cards, request additional advertising)


Integrating planning and budgeting

EMT is a link in integrating budgeting and planning.  The FTES targets are developed in conjunction with the District Office, funding available from the college Administrative Services area for hourly faculty is kept in mind, and EMT keeps these needs in perspective as it discusses enrollment, class sections and recruitment.



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