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Comprehensive Program Review Online

Welcome to LACC’s Comprehensive Program Review Online!      Program review is conducted by the Educational Planning Committee, under the auspices of the Academic Senate. In 1999, the State Academic Senate prepared a paper describing the review, “Program Review: Developing a Faculty Driven Process.”

Further, the Los Angeles Community College District has Board Rules which provide a general framework for program review.

The purposes of educational program review include:
   a. Defining and affirming excellent academic programs
   b. Providing for a systematic program planning process
   c. Reviewing the quality of instructional programs and courses
   d. Fostering self-renewal and self-study of programs.
Program review links the college’s mission with the educational master plan, department goals and educational objectives. It also provides the linkage between planning and budgeting.

PRO for academic departments consists of 10 sections, some with sub-sections. These sections constitute a thorough review of the department, including curriculum, pedagogy, human resources, physical resources, progress on past planning goals, and development of future planning goals. PRO provides the connection between these planning activities and department budget, including an overview of expenditures over the past several years, and the Annual Unit Plan form for future budget requests.


               If you have comments or questions, please contact us:
Daryl Kinney, Chair of the Educational Planning Committee
Ken Sherwood, President, LACC Academic Senate
Anna Badalyan, Academic Planning and Research

           Los Angeles City College Academic Senate:

           Educational Planning Committee:









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